Poll Question : How many have seen the Shri Yantra during your dmt explorations?
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Never seen it 3 75 %
Seen it but more twisting 0 0 %
never heard of it 1 25 %
seen it 0 0 %
seen it as points of light 0 0 %
I call it something else (please do tell) 0 0 %
looked like a dome to me 0 0 %
reminds me of Islamic architecture 0 0 %
seen the chrysanthemum 0 0 %

The Oregon Desert Shri Yantra landscape art Options
#1 Posted : 4/26/2021 12:09:53 AM

In Silence I Been

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Nexians, how cool is this story?

In 1990, Bill Witherspoon and his small team of dedicated Shree Yantra devotees (my interpretation of who the team members were, but I like that ring, Shri Yantra devotees :-) designed this beautiful piece of art (a quarter mile carving!! thats 0,4km !!). It was first spotted by National Guards doing reconnaissance photos taken over the Oregon Desert. The carving was geometrically perfect (extremely hard to do just by hand drawing, even computers algorithms never get it close to perfect, as you can see above just writing the pronunciation is tricky) and it appeared overnight in a dry lake bed.

There's a documentary of this amazing man's journey (the interview itself was very good, link below)

The documentary is called Sri Yantra: The Oregon Desert Mystery. . If anyone has a copy of this doccie, I would greatly appreciate the share.

What amazed me about this story is that Bill Witherspoon, said he wanted to feel what it would be like to be in the bindu (the centre) of the Shri Yantra, and he spoke about it in a very beautiful way, about creating resonant spaces. The Shri Yantra, is also known as the flower of life. Terence Mckenna calls it the chrysanthemum. The glass ceiling or "dome" most people have difficulty breaking through on smoalked dmt.

The Sri Yantra is an amazing symbol of profound significance for all true psychonauts. Dmt'esque motifs are even apparent on high doses of psilocybin and even mescaline (from my personal experience)

There is much more to tell of this tale. But for now I will leave you with link above for the interview to whet your appetite.

If you have a minute, please can you reply to the the Poll attached to this post

peace and light,
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#2 Posted : 6/18/2021 8:05:27 PM

In Silence I Been

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Please assist, how can I cancel the poll now that its over. I forgot to put a timelimit on it when I created it. Is there a way it can be removed now? Thanks to everyone who replied.
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#3 Posted : 6/19/2021 11:46:19 AM

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It's a very cool geosculpture!

I'm a bit surprised at the lack of responses to your poll tbh.

I don't see why the poll needs to be removed, but if you have a compelling reason talk to a forum moderator.
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#4 Posted : 6/19/2021 1:48:30 PM

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I'm from Oregon and I don't know about this thing. Far out man. Thanks for sharing.
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