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#1 Posted : 6/18/2021 12:53:10 PM

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A few days ago i had an unusual experience with ketamine. Maybe an hour or so before snorting the ketamine, i had taken some acetylcysteine. But i didn't think about that anymore when i took the ketamine and i did not expect any interaction.

But i immediately felt that the effects of the ketamine where much more psychedelic this time than they normally are.

I must say that i don't take ketamine very often though, and it is still very different for me, each time i take it. The effects where not so dramatically different that it couldn't have been just a set and setting thing.

But i did remember that acetylcysteine does something to glutamate receptors, so it is possible that there was some kind of interaction going on.

It was realy nice though, and ketamine had never been so psychedelic to me before, nor so euphoric.
Everything, including my own mind, became very machine-like and the world was pulsing and vibrating with energy. It even reminded me a little of LSD or mescaline.

Ketamine never felt very machine-like to me, but it could be that the music i listened to played a role here. (I was listening to the tron score by daft punk wich sounds very synthetic, though it is probably the only music they ever made, using acoustic instruments).

The ketamine was also much more stimulating than it normally is. I normally feel a strong urge to lie down when i take anything over 60 mg. But not this time.

Maybe it was the NAC. It normally does act a little like a mild stimulant. I don't know exactly what it does to glutamate signalling, but i do know that that is what causes these stimulant effects.


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