150mg harmala + 40mg DMT fb vape Options
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Preparation of the trip:
- Set: good, relaxed day at work, did some stuff for me, had a good day overall and I was quite happy and confident going into the evening
- Setting: comfortable bed, two candles, magnificent mandala tapestry in front of the bed, no other light source
- Harmala: took 150mg harmala extracted with Sakka tek sublingual. After 2-3 minutes I noticed that I messed up the dosage (I was supposed to take 30mg sublingual, 150mg is for oral) and quickly swallowed everything Very happy
- After me messing up, I chatted on the Nexus chat asking for advice, I waited 30min to see how I felt
- After 30min, I felt relaxed and really good, therefore I decided to move forward
I spent about 15-20min meditating, calming myself
- Spice: 40mg freebase on a ceramic disk in a GVG

DMT vaping:
- About 45min after taking the harmalas, at about 20h30, I sat on my bed and vaporized the spice with a torch lighter
- Pulled slowly until vapor built up, keeping the flame farther from the GVG than last time (therefore I did not cough but the effects were quite slow to come)
- I had the time to take at least 4 tokes, keeping each one in for 10-15sec
- OEVs kicked in, the DMT ringing too, I put the pipe and lighter aside and lied down. After the trip, I torched the ceramic disk and quite some vapor went out, therefore I think I did not vaporize the full 40mg but rather about 20-30mg

DMT world part:
- At this point, I closed my eyes, I don’t remember if I still had my body, but it was not as intense as that one time where I felt all emotions at once and just dissolved into the universe after vaping pure DMT with no harmalas
- I was in this DMT space with super sharp colored geometric shapes moving and changing
- The colors were different than a DMT trip with no harmalas. It was like colored shapes on a black background as opposed to a pure DMT trip where I see colored shapes on a white background (same thing happened to my visuals when I did shrooms + harmalas → darker color palette for visuals)
- Entities quickly showed up and it was going all over the place, carnival-like. It was just craziness, so many things happening I don’t remember them
- After a time (10min? 20min?? No idea), they just packed everything up and left
- During this part, I was given a clear choice of looking behind the surface of the carnival, like tearing down the facade to see what is deeper, what pulls the strings of all this
- Every single time, I was able to fight off my urge to just have fun and I peeked behind the veil, seeing a cosmic geometric structure like a symmetric galaxy full of colors far far away
- Sometimes, I would see a light above and try to reach it just to be refused at the last second and I could hear some inhabitants making fun of me, but it was way nicer than last time.
- It could almost feel like encouragements

After the DMT world:
- After the carnival packed up and left, I had a brief visual of me getting out of a washing machine but I was taller than last time and it was very quick, not so important as last time
- I entered completely different visuals and very often I would sense that I had a body but it was not MY body or it was a bit displaced compared to my real body
- No looping this time (maybe it comes from the tea??)
- At some point, I met an entity that I recognized from my harmala + shroom trip and that I identified as the “harmala” entity (the playful lady from my harmala + shroom trip). It was way more calm here and nearly warmly welcoming
- A lot of love and warmth in this part, it was really overwhelming and I loved every second of it. I could feel it in my belly. Got several orgasmic chills going up from the bottom of my body up to my head
- Got several important personal insights
- At some point, it compared shrooms and DMT saying: “look. A shroom trip is a discussion with the shroom. A DMT trip is different. Everything comes from within YOUR mind.”
- I felt like this was telling me that there was no hyperspace travel or extra-dimensional communication and everything was just made up by my mind. I doubted it very strongly but it would not tell me otherwise. I would answer “you’re telling me this because I’m not ready to hear otherwise” but it would not change its story. The visual showed fragments of DMT world all under a huge metallic dome that I felt was my skull
- On the other hand, the harmala entity was distinctly independent, just like the shroom in my shroom trips

What comes down must go up (again) Smile:
- Around 21h15, I came down enough that I could open my eyes. I think I could stay there for another 30min at least
- My movements were still sketchy, I had tracer vision (I could see lines behind the movement of my arms or objects)
- A few minutes before opening my eyes, I could hear entities telling me “hey! It could be really fun if you loaded another 40mg man! Come on let’s have some more fun!”
- I woke up thinking it was a real nice idea Smile
- I loaded 40mg and get back in my bed
- At about 21h30 I vaporized it and took the first two tokes
- Then I got impatient and I think I burned the rest of it cause the 3rd toke was so harsh I had to cough like a crazy
- Same thing for 4th toke. I certainly messed up the flame distance, since I was still very shaky
- After the trip, I torched the disk and lots of vapor escaped. I think I only vaped about 20mg on this one (yeah I know… wasteful!)

Second flight:
- I started in the DMT world
- Actually, the second flight was exactly the same as the first one with only one difference: the visuals contained small wiggling worms all over them (they were actually placed in a nice way so that overall the geometric shapes were good looking). I think the black worms come from the burned spice as it already happened to me last time I burned some
- Overall, same trip, I loved it… it started with the carnival, I was able to peek beyond the veil of the carnival with the same result as the first flight until they packed up and left. Then I was back in the shroomy part of the trip
- Lots of love, warmth, more personal insights, no mentions of differences between shrooms and dmt
- I was able to live an old trip peak again but only once
- I don’t remember the rest clearly but I think it was just a darker repeat of the first flight, just like when I took tea + fb

- I went down at 23h, stood up just to lie down again in another room and trip (lying on my belly as opposed to the rest of the trip that I did lying on the back) for another 30min
- I could not tell what day it was, before lying back down, I read some messages on my phone, could not make anything out of them
- The 30min were focused on fun, an entity was discussing with me but I don’t remember what that was about. It was not too serious though and more like pleasure oriented
- I woke up then, I was still dizzy for the rest of the evening. I put some food in and went to bed
- I slept great, my head was completely clear the day after and I had a great day too (as opposed to the trip with the tea)

Seeing as I again wasted spice, I’ll do my next trips with 20mg trying to perfect my technique and take everything in before thinking of loading more.

Overall, a great experience. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re able to take all 40mg in Smile.

Any thoughts?

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Thank you for sharing, Psi!

Love your trip reports, and I always find bits that I completely relate to. I relate to the difference in color pallet when using harmalas as well as that intense feeling of love and emotion. I think that's what I love the most about MAOI augmented trips. I dont think the thought loops have much to do with ROA or augmentation. I feel like these can happen whenever we have a random thought or day dream during the come up. I have a tendency to daydream and I have to pay attention to that when I trip because I have had several thought loops and they all started the same way using different ROAs. I have to spend some time on intention and meditation before hand in order to focus and prevent them.
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Hey Th3_tRuTh!

Thanks! I think you're right, the lack of loops is probably due to the awesome mindset I had for this trip Smile.

The loopy aspect of the previous one was probably due to me being anxious about the experience (I remember wondering several times "is it ending already? Am I still in?" and boom! I was in another loop).
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