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Good morning everyone, I wanted to start a topic on what DMT feels like, which was one of my biggest questions leading up to my first experiences. I have personally come to find that DMT feels exactly like a ride at the fair that I rode as a kid called the Gravitron. The ride itself looks like a classic saucer-shaped UFO with a folding door that opens down to the ground to create a ramp up for the riders to walk up into the center. The riders stand against the wall and the ride spins so fast that they become stuck to the side of the wall, from centrifugal force, as if they have been subjected to massive forces of gravity, hence the name Gravitron.
DMT creates an almost exact replicated sensation for me as the Gravitron does. The sensation feels like a really fast change in speed and then I feel my weight increasing as if I am being subjected to large amounts of gravity, and my heart begins fluttering as the experience intensifies. I really enjoy the sensation of this just as I did the Gravitron as a kid. When I vape with my APX volt in the 10 to 15 mg range and if I start walking instead of sitting or laying down it feels like the gravity increases rapidly, sometimes pinning me right to the ground as if I am on the Gravitron and I am forced to remain there until the intensity reduces after the peak. The power of this is incredible!
I hope others will discuss how the body load is experienced for themselves as most of the focus of DMT is on the visual and mental aspects. Thanks for reading, have a most excellent day!

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