For past few months only after second dose there are CEV's, any ideas? Options
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Hi everyone.

So first a little introduction about my relationship with dmt, which might help to get some opionion on my "problem".

I started experimenting with dmt last summer. I went in slowly, first with around 20mg doses. I haven't had a breakthrough still to this day, didn't feel prepared yet. Maybe in between, but then for some reasons i will tell later made me step back.

So as i started with doses around 20mg, i got nice CEV's and i really liked all about it and the afterglow, the peacefulness and total relaxation that came after comedown for the next 30-60min.
So in the beginning i was doing it let's say at fridays and saturdays and sometimes even some day at week at first.
I quickly also figured i can't smoke more then 3 doses, because then it stops working and i waste the molecule. So i never do more then 2 or 3 in a row. Usually the 3rd is already a waste.

Slowly i went up with doses, but not too much. Then one day i was like locked out, i can't remember too good but maybe it was also that i made a mushroom trip that weekend, which i find desentesizes my receptors and i need some time, lets say a week to get all out of dmt dose again. I do a mushroom trip once a month give or take. Well the lockout made me know i was doing it too often. So i gave it some time and after about two or three weeks later i could get back in.

Then i felt like i might be getting ready for higher doses, but i also had a problem i smoked weed regulary which didn't affect me too good(Depression, overthinking etc.) and combined with that i felt like things got pretty chaotic on dmt, even at around 30mg or so.
In between i did try about 3 times above 40mg, the highest was 47mg. Didn't breakthrough but it didn't feel right.
Then i made some pause again, after 3 weeks i dosed around 35mg and as i gave it some time it was pretty intense, more then i expacted.
I don't know where it took me, everything was still, a dark place(I dont mean evil by that) and got some messages. One or two trips before similar happened but i didn't recall any of messages.
This time i said to my self, don't open eyes just yet, try to go over those messages again so you don't forget.
The one and only message i took with me was like telepathically in my voice in my language saying:
Stop pushing it here, as there is nothing here.
It was like not just message to me, but to more people. To this day i didn't figure what it ment.
That message made me step back a bit, so i didn't continue with doses above 35mg and didn't do it as often.

So, now i do it like every 2 weeks which seems fine and not over doing it, or so it feels to me. But mostly i go in range around 25-35mg tops. I like those trips, and last few weeks no chaotic experiences as i stopped smoking weed regulary, it really did affect it.


Besides everything i wrote up there, it has been few months since i get no visuals from first dose. No matter wheter i do 20, 25, 30mg.
When it first happened i asked in my mind, why am i not getting anything? And there was like someone, again like telepathically answered: We are working on it, you will get them with the next dose. It was so assuring i was 1000% next dose will give me visuals.

So i took the next dose and everything was very vivid as expected. But now since it started i get nothing from first dosing, no CEV's just like a curtain and i could see something in the background very faintly. But as i start to comedown and when i close my eyes again i can see things becoming more vivid so i know that this "curtain" is removed. And with the next dose everything is as it should be.. The feeling is there though, also with opened eyes with those lower doses the object do look more sharp, only like my "inner eye" is covered, don't know how to decribe it better.

Anyone experienced that ever? I have no clue why is that.. Therefore to not waste too much i load up around 20mg no more the first time, and then next dose i go higher as things get as they should.

I hope it isn't too long of a story. Really have no idea what and why this is so. I guess i was doing it a bit too frequently, but each time now it's the same story first time/dose..

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I've had one experience with re-dosing DMT which was the 3rd time I used it. I sort of went in with "cold feet" on my first dose and was significantly underwhelmed by the effects. I know that a tolerance develops rather quickly to DMT, so I usually commit to a dose I'm comfortable with and then give it a day or so before I return-not saying this is what you should do, but I've had impressive experiences with this practice.

My advice would be to simply commit to a dose you are comfortable with and lower expectations. Maybe continue utilizing breaks from weed for these sorts of trips. I fully believe the visuals will return if you give yourself some days of tolerance and then go into a medium-heavy range dose with good intention.
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