The new pyrex and limonene Options
#1 Posted : 6/8/2021 4:01:27 PM

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I heard that Pyrex is no longer made the way it used to be, and is basically just cheap soda ash glass. If I'm doing a tek with limonene, would this still be safe? Or do I need to source glass from another place because it runs the risk of the bottom breaking off?

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If you're not subjecting it to harsh temperature differentials or caustic soda it will still be fine to use. I get the impression you won't be distilling your limonene so there is no special risk associated with that solvent.
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They changed Pyrex way back in 1998. Even with modern glass jugs I've been dumping caustic soda in there to almost boiling point and never had an issue. It's still pretty good quality glassware for home use at the relatively low temps involved in this interest field.
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It may still be possible to get the European borosilicate Pyrex rather than the US soda glass.

The problem with the soda glass is it can explode into glass shards when heated and then subject to some physical shock. Such as taking a dish out of the oven and then setting it down too roughly on the counter. I read about this in Amazon reviews years ago when trying to purchase some glass baking dishes.
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