Tetrahydroharmine (THH) sublingually Options
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69ron wrote:

The following day SWIM tried 150 mg orally. This was the first time he tried it orally. The citrate form of tetrahydroharmine is almost insoluble in water. It wouldn’t even completely dissolve in 1 cup of water! The taste was bitter and very slightly sour. It worked pretty quickly. About 10 minutes into it, the pleasant body tingling started. He also felt very slightly stimulated. The mind was clear, and there was mild euphoria. It seemed to peak after about 2 hours with some slightly “psychedelic” mental effects (but he’s not sure about that). The experience seemed to last maybe 4 hours. He’s not completely sure.

is SWIM reading too much into this or isn't this a way to seperate THH from the caapi alkaloids??? Just reduce down and maybe pop it in the fridge to precipitate?

SWIM isn't too interested in this, though many SWIM made a thread about it didn't they?
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SWIM just put in an order for 1 gram of pure THH so when it arrives SWIM will be sure to post their findings :-)
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Here are some old posts on THH...

It appears that 200 mgs or higher of concidered a bit high and not needed..

A smaller dose of THH 21mgs kept well below 50 mgs is Plenty!

I also read a report that THH at 200mgs can be the cause of dizzyness,,,and a lower dose of THH may be safer .....

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Starway 7 said:
Here are some old posts on THH...

It appears that 200 mgs or higher of concidered a bit high and not needed..

A smaller dose of THH 21mgs kept well below 50 mgs is Plenty!

I also read a report that THH at 200mgs can be the cause of dizzyness,,,and a lower dose of THH may be safer .....
I'm so glad you are into all of this starway7, we need more people like you.

As someone who has used THH nearly a hundred times, I've attached a paper showing 152mg THH is considered a "normal amount found" in a typical brew. I'm one of the biggest supporters and readers of 69ron, but when it comes to THH, just use it orally imho, I'll explain why below.

Dennis Mckenna Ph.D: page 115 "Thus, tetrahydroharmine may prolong the half-life of DMT by blocking it's intraneuronal uptake, and hence, its inactivation by MAO, localized in mitochondria within the neuron."

See trip report post #57:

When people drink Ayahuasca, they routinely take additonal cups of the brew, so in one night some may be taking in close to 300mg of THH.

A little bit more on tetrahydroharmine:

1) She has very strong serotonin blocking action, which results not only in stimulation but powerful transcendence as the daily survival filters are lifted so that "mind at large" as coined by Aldous Huxley can be let loose, when combined with DMT, which does not block serotonin on it's own, you then get the "full monty" mind expansion powerful transcendence. See link above post #32 for journey reports of 300mg THH on it's own. THH has numerous similarities to mescaline as noted by not only myself, but another person here. I have seen the receptorome data for THH, which not only blocks serotonin like mescaline, but agonizes all 3 of the adrenal receptors just like mescaline which are associated with powerful visionary activity, perception of beauty and aesthetics.

2) She is feminine, which is why I always associate feminine pictures and energy with my journey trip reports that involve her. Queen of the Forest is what I like to call her.

3) She seems to be very stable indefinitely. I've used THH that was many years old that I had lost, still worked exactly the same. Wikipedia to find out more about it (good page on it), or read attached paper. Even Shulgin remarks in the book TIHKAL that "studies on THH are absolutely imperative." He also remarked that it probably holds one of the keys to unlocking Ayahuasca, but we just didn't know it yet.

4) I see zero need to use THH sublingually...Please just take tetrahydroharmine orally between 150 to 300mg. She causes no dizziness at 250mg or below, and only a tiny bit at 300mg, but once you are used to her, no dizziness even at 300mg. ZERO nausea, ZERO queasiness, so just consume THH orally at a powerful amount found in normal Ayahuasca brew which if you read attached paper is at least 150mg.

Many take multiple cups of Ayahuasca, so the THH is additive in effect, with a half life of 10.5 hours, so you get 5 hours of super strong effects, once you reach 300mg, the powerful CEV visions are seen for hours on end, phenomenal, them combine with DMT and the visions multiply and become colored and even brighter, as THH visions alone are monochrome (one-color) usually in green or blue. The DMT adds color and brightness to the visions, and adds to them exponentially.

Typical trip: At 9pm that same night, took another 100mg of THH, for a total of 350mg of THH for afternoon & night, before I fell asleep, I watched dream-like monochrome imagery (usually always in green or blue for me) as the THH was still working...for around 45 minutes I viewed mind-blowing vistas--grand architecture and cities, a bookshelf full of ancient books, a view of the gardens in front of what looked like Versailles, France.

I traveled down a street in Midieval period where I saw beautiful women walking along the street, I could make out the houses & markets along the street. Many of these visions are like slow speed movies being played, way beyond 4k, highly detailed...true Ayahuasca visions...this always happens when I take at least 300mg or more of tetrahydroharmine during the late afternoon/early night. This is one of the best parts of the journey imho.

I've taken 300mg of THH on it's own many times and for hours with eyes closed I view endless dream-like visions, like slow and high speed movies being played for 2 hours...totally unlike normal dreams, she seems to tap into the "Akashic record" of the universe, the ether where all events, past, present, and future are stored...she shows you artwork, architecture, nature, culture, fantasy, history, the future, spiritual, supernatural. The visions are also characterized by the extraordinary beauty that they manifest.

Tetrahydroharmine was called by one researcher "the tryptamine of the beta-carboline world" to give an example of her remarkable visionary properties. She is an isomer of a hormonal-like compound found in the brain naturally, she is what gives Ayahuasca her telapathine or telethapy properties and CEV dream-like visionary power.

I agree that 300mg THH in Caapi is just as visual as 100mg harmaline (as reported in TIHKAL), but without the nausea and dizziness, but it's not especially visual until say 250 to 300mg, then it gives one 1.5 to 2 hours of incredible closed eye realistic visions, this places it very high on the "psychedelic periodic table" for visions compared to just about any other entheogen.

It's like entering a university, she teaches you for hours with not only sequential visions one after another, but visions seen in continuous slow and high speed movies. She tells you a story for a long period. There is a theme to it all each time, the beautiful visions never repeat session to session. I only rarely go beyond 300mg THH, as a little dizziness sets in above 300mg for sure. No dizziness at 250mg, only a tiny bit at 300mg.

Several weeks ago, after drinking 300mg tetrahydroharmine, I saw the interior decorations of palaces, the checkered floors, the beautiful windows and furniture, the winding stair cases, I was blown away.

I've seen sacred temples for religious worship, beautiful animals and super fine women, birds of all kinds, even the lost city of Atlantis, I was taken in for a bird's eye view, zooming in from way above to all the way down into the city center.

Caapi tells a story when you drink it with eyes closed, she teaches you things, the most beautiful "realistic visions" that no other entheogen comes close to showing you, these realistic visions go on forever with Caapi, I can recline and watch for 2 hours or more the visions, the visions are quite powerful for the first 45 minutes. You can take additional THH hours later to bring back the visions again for another 45 minutes, the doses are additive.

300mg plus of THH showed me closed eye vision of gardens at Versailles, France

Pic: Ayahuasca, Queen of the Forest
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Not saying where im ordering from....But Im in process of ordering some THH but a little confused at how to get the best cleanest purity?

Ive read on old reports that THH citrate is only half as strong as THH HCL/?

When i called a place online and he said their THH is THH freebase?...98 percent purity...

And when i asked if it was the stronger ..HCL THH...? instead of the weaker citrate HCL he got confused...... and said the product was HCL Freebase!

Is freebae THH the purist and most potent choice?

Any opinions welcome!

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You can get 99.9% pure THH freebase from Liftmode.;m=1105556#post1105556

I believe most of the latest tests we're doing are with THH freebase.
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thanks.....I just ordered THH and the HPBDC!Smile Smile
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