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#1 Posted : 5/13/2021 6:44:23 AM
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I'm from Kerala,India. I don't have any dmt experience yet.I'm really interested in it and I'm searching for a plant containing it. I found a thread "DMT Containing Plants in India [Megathread] - massive information dump"
Identified a few of them.I was really exited because i found dmt containing plants and now I can extract it. But as my research go on I found that they all contain trace amount of dmt Sad . I felt so sad. Someone from the chat said there are some nexians from India. If any indian see this post, please help me to get plant material.
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im sorry youre having a little trouble, but before anyone here can help, we need to inform you that its agaainst forum rules to talk about where you buy supplies. please edit your post to remove reference to source.

we also cannot help you acquire materials.
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Edited the post. Is it ok now?
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Hello my friend and welcome to the Nexus. If I were currently based in South Asia I would have my go at Acacia Nilotica Indica. Below is a paper that reports a 0.87% alkaloid yield of bark in which they could only identify 5-meo-dmt. I highly doubt that 5-meo-dmt is largely the makeup of the bark as this would be a very high amount... so there are definitely some errors in the paper. To note they also list a (lower) yield for the leaves and fruit and there they find combinations of NMT/DMT

The second paper I attatched also lists N,N-DMT, 5-Meo-DMT, and NMT as being present in A. Nilotica

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Some have reported success with Phyllodium (Desmodium) pulchellum.
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