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#1 Posted : 5/10/2021 2:22:45 PM

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Hello my dear Friends,
Yesterday swim tried his first Panaeolus cyanescens and those little guys brought him to overthink his list of favorite substances, here is why:

Swim never had such a pleasant experience and he only did 1g.

Swim is a experinced psychadelic user and for cubes he would not start under 3g.
Because it was his first time dancing with this species he only did 0.9g and prepared for smoking weed and having the shrooms hit him every 20minutes or so.

I was waiting for the body load i experienced with other Shrooms like liberty caps or Cubes.
There was no body Load at all, i was trippin nuts after 60 Minutes in and i had a solid Mushroom experience wich felt clearer than LSD25 wich is actually my preferred substance because of its simplicity.

I never had such vivid Hallucinations like:
-clouds glitching infront of me
-the forest transforming into a big autonomous organism with a mouth
-color changes like in freaking videa games

You should try this stuff, it took me years to find it and it is my favorite now, now go and get them!

Love is OUT!


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