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#1 Posted : 4/9/2021 6:27:15 PM

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First exp

10:00pm - Calea dosage: 2 capsules with 412mg of leaves and flowers per capsule.

10:15pm - Melatonin buccally dosed : 3mg

10:25pm - I decided to dose myself lavender oil (for the linalool) through the nasal mucosa: roughly one drop across both nostrils, applied with cu-tip.

10:30pm - I turn off the lights and lay down.

Dream summaries. 9:10 am

Dreams were easily confused for reality while dreaming. First dream was like being a kid again, very energetic and fun, running around with friends on a summer afternoon. Very nice. Briefly woke up sweaty after that dream, almost like I really did run around a lot. Eventually got back to sleep. The second dream started off in the woods where I was looking at very detailed plants. distracted, I began to tumble down a cliff but seemed to lightly glide down instead. The end of the cliff led to a vaguely familiar but still imaginary neighborhood where I decided to walk on a seemingly endless stretch of sidewalk that turned up onto hills and around this sunny town. On the walk I met a cannibal who resembled a high-school friend and she told me that she finds body parts on the road and eats them for a buzz. She showed me a leg severed from the knee, soaked in old brown blood. I woke up again around 7:30 and couldn't get back to sleep.


Slight difficulty going to sleep.
I would consider these dreams to be more vivid than an average night's dream, but not entirely lucid as I did not not know that I was dreaming while I was in the dream. However I have had dreams just as vivid on nights where no oneirogen was taken.

Second exp

10:28pm - 1236mg of Calea dosed.

11:10pm - Melatonin buccally dosed : 3mg

Dream summary. 9:42 am

Dream was set in my own backyard but the climate was of an inland desert. I was able to grow Entada rheedii in place of the liquidambar in the center of the yard. The dream was not as memorable as either dream that I had on the 17th despite the higher dosage. The effects while awake were stronger than the effects on the first dream. The second dream was more vivid. I was wandering around the local baseball field while 3 small games were being played out of the 4 diamonds. (The field was larger in my dream than it is in reality) I walked around enjoying the sun and watching the games from a distance. Eventually I walked to the farthest diamond from where I started and saw my neighbor on the bleachers. move closer to me. Eventually even kissing me on the neck. I noticed the game that was being played was very homoerotic as well, as all the players very muscular men, who shined in the light. I can't remember the series of small dreams that occurred after that.

bonus notes:
March 19th Calea while awake

Calea dosage: 1648mg with one joint.

Standard pot high but with more heightened emotions and reminded me of the more enjoyable sleep deprivation effects.

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Thanks for posting! I am currently growing Calea in my garden to attempt at some lucid dreaming. I have one experience with it, but it was almost 20 years ago, so I am hesitant to state my remembrances, as I am sure they are contaminated by my recollections of them. I hope this discussion gets some notice, as this is a very interesting plant to me, and I would love to learn more about it. I currently have 3 plants, and plenty more seeds that I am keeping in the refrigerator. I would be interested to see if an alcohol infused tea would maybe step up the effects? Perhaps even make it easier to get to sleep at those times where you may find it difficult? IDK, just spit ballin', but I have thought about trying other, non-traditional ways of preparing it to perhaps compliment or even express differently, the alkaloids which create it's effects. Happy dreaming!
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