Two questions: reverse tolerance & length of the come up Options
#1 Posted : 4/9/2021 11:27:38 AM

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Hey everyone! : )

I introduced my girlfriend to LSD last weekend. Everything was done properly and we both had a great time, very moving, sweet, and I also had the pleasure of receiving some wisdom insight (I could elaborate if anyone is interested).

However great that was, I was surprised by two things, so I wanted to benefit from the nexus knowledge!

first is how incredibly long the come up was/felt. We had lunch at 2 o'clock, dropped at 5 and didn't "settle" before 7, 7:15. It had been a while since I had done acid and maybe I had forgotten how long the come up is but it was SO long that I ended up thinking I didn't like acid ahaha! You know, like, "oh, but if this is tripping, then, you don't like it, why do you pretend liking it?" and I don't know, maybe 30 mins later, I was set and it was beautiful! So: is there a way to make it faster? Maybe eat way before? Or something else?

Second: could microdosing have made me super sensitive? I've been (not regularly but often) microdosing since september I'd say. I took just a regular 100ug tab and honestly, it really felt closer to 200. It was really intense for 100. The last two times I did 100, it was a tiny bit underwhelming, like, "I should have taken more". This time, I went for 100 cause I didn't want to feel to far off from my girlfriend (who took around 65ug) but I was very pleasantly surprised! (apart from the come up that was not only long but also a bit unpleasant).

Anyway, thank you for whatever you have to say about this!

love to yall!

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#2 Posted : 4/14/2021 10:15:24 AM

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Hi Teamleary

I´m glad your girl liked the experience. Nothing like sharing that with your loved ones.
Of course i would like to hear about what you received from that experience.

About your first question. The come up seems kinda long for my taste.
For me it has always been between 15 and 45 mins with Lsd. No matter the dose or diet.
If i feel the effects very quickly it is usually a high dose. Could sometimes be 15 mins.
If you have tabs i noticed keeping them in your mouth for as long as possible makes the
onset faster.

And about your second question there are some posts here on the Nexus about people needing
smaller and smaller doses as they get more experienced with those substances.
Personally when i was introduced to Lsd i always took 400 mics or more.
Don´t need that much anymore. I never micro dosed so maybe the long come up was because of that.
But i don´t think the sensitivity comes from that.

Have a gud one

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#3 Posted : 5/11/2021 8:50:33 AM

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Hi potnoble!

And thank you for your answer!

I'm gonna try a different xtal soon (probably next week) to see if the come up is faster. It's really the least pleasant part of the trip!

love to you and your loved ones!

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#4 Posted : 5/11/2021 9:38:50 AM

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i agree that come up feels like a long time to me. for me it is usually about 45 mins for first signs, i have never come up in 15 minutes, i am jealous of you potnoble! Very happy

LSD doses are usually quite sporadic so it is difficult to compare tabs. one 200ug tab will usually be a different dose to another 200ug tab even from the same sheet. it is unlikely microdosing would have made you more sensitive, if anything the opposite would have happened. i suspect it is just the result of badly measured doses, but do not expect properly measured doses on your tabs any time soon.
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