Sandwich method vs. enhanced leaf? Options
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I was curious about which of these methods people here prefer, and why. Is one easier better for avoiding burning your spice? Any insights would be appreciated Smile

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In my experience, they both work pretty well. I prefer enhanced leaf personally but that is just my preference, no real reasoning behind it except that I have had more successful sessions with it.

With either method, you'll want to use the least amount of direct flame possible. Like for enhanced leaf, I just light a corner with a standard lighter and then let the cherry do the rest of the work. Similar technique for sandwich method, by lighting the upper layer and letting the cherry do the rest of the work.
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Hello Smile

I find enhanced leaf and changa more efficient and preferable. I have a special place in my heart for the sandwich method since it was how I first engaged the spice (sandwiches between layers of marijuana.

I prefer enhanced leaf because all of the herbal material is laden with spice and there's no question about "when do you start inhaling the DMT?" There's also less necessity to hold the heat as long or as close, since once some of it starts burning you're immediately getting a hit with dmt it in. I hold the flame over the bowl, not touching the herb and suck the heat down to start, then once cherries, I also cover the bowl and continue my hit.

I also find less need to finish the bowl. When sandwiching, some of the dmt melt to the bottom of the bowl, so often the last hit is the hardest hitting. With enhanced leaf, every intake can be the same roughly.

Granted this is all my personal experience and preference. I'm sure many may feel otherwise Smile

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I also find enhanced leaf works best.As void matrix said, it is more evenly distributed. And more protected. The infusion with the herb seems to better shield the product from burning.
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