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Firstly I want to express gratitude for this community. It’s been a valuable source of info over a number of years lurking in the background. I have had a couple of accounts previously but at the time I wasn’t logging on much and didn’t post either, and then prob because of my inaction I found I couldn’t get access to them any longer. Anyhow, I’m here now, with a new account that I will certainly be utilising far more. I looking forward to connecting with others and being more pro-active on that front. I would love more of a sense of community around this medicine as although I have good friends within the medicine community, I find it harder to find people who have a strong relationship with Spice, and I find myself becoming a bit of a ‘dmt bore’ wanting to discuss these experiences with others who may not feel such an affinity with it, so I hope to find more of that here.
I first discovered Spice around 5 years ago when I had exhausted more traditional routes to overcome depression. It was a huge game changer at the time and my relationship with it has been unfolding ever since. I truly love this medicine and feel enormous gratitude for the states of consciousness it has allowed me to experience, for the emotional releases, the awe inspiring visions, and the teachings that it has allowed me. When I first vaporised it 5 years ago, I was in a very challenging place in my life; my relationship with myself was at rock bottom, my confidence was shattered and I felt caught up in cycles of sadness & apathy. All these feelings left me unable to see this life for what it truly can be. And then I found N,N-DMT and so began a journey of realising how little I know & how much there is yet to discover on this human journey, how much potential wonder and amazement there can within these timeless eternal states of consciousness, and how much this process of working with different medicines would influence the person I would begin to grow into. And I’ve slowly learnt to fall in love with myself again (albeit, I still have my moments & challenge but life is pretty damn good now).
And...I finally got round to doing my first Spice extraction the other day, utilising “Cybs’ Hybrid ATB “Salt” Tek”. I’ve been wanting to do it for ages and it was such a joy to go through that process, from the original plant material to some gorgeous fluffy dmt at the end of it! Yay. I can’t wait to do it again already.
Anyhow, I look forward to sharing and reading more here, learning & feeling more connected to this community. Thank you to all Smile

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Welcome back! Smile

Thank you for sharing with us.

I understand the use of spice for depression as I do the same (amongst other intentions). Such inner struggles can be debilitating and life shrinking until managed properly. I wish you the best on your continued journey of healing.

Very few are into the spice as those on the Nexus. Your musings about it are always welcome here Love

What other psychedelics pique your interest. I've been a longtime fan of mushrooms. I love the internal philosophic diatribes it inspires (again, amongst other things).

Once more, welcome back Smile

One love
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Welcome and congratulations on your first extraction.
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Voidmatrix wrote:
Welcome back! Smile

Thank you for sharing with us.

Thanks Voidmatrix; that's much appreciated. I'm glad to be here.

Voidmatrix wrote:
What other psychedelics pique your interest. I've been a longtime fan of mushrooms. I love the internal philosophic diatribes it inspires (again, amongst other things).

Regarding other psychedelics, I'm also a big fan of psilocybin - the "internal philosophic diatribe it inspires" is indeed great. It was really enjoyale to get out picking Liberty Caps this past season, which I've been makng the most of since Very happy I've also had some very meaningful experiences with 5-MeO-DMT, though it's not something I utilise a lot as it feels like an experience that takes much longer to integrate than those with Spice (depends on the strength of course, though I find myself being able to have regular spice experiences without needing extended perods of time for integration, though my use of it comes in waves, sometimes very often for a perod of time, and then a break). I've got a lot from varous Ayahuasca ceremonies & other psychedelics too, but my favorite ones are certainly spice & psilocybin. I find doing spice in the later stages of a psilocybin journey is a really great addition that allows me to go into the spice journey with a lovely post-peak psilocybin glow, and the COV's that ensue are often truly stunning.Smile
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