(UPDATED 4/2021)BE WARNED: I have become immune to DMT. The Dreaded Lockout has taken me Options
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try making your experiences into some art piece. you cant just eat and never poo Thumbs up

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Brother, i have the same thing but as mr Eaglepath said above, just go out and forget about launching for a couple weeks / months. I now make spice and store it until i run out.
Before i had the tendancy to try every yield :-) .
I hope you are ok tho !

Much regards
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I have experience lock out as well for over a year now I still have a good time when i vape it. But the wow and flutter and legos deconstruction is gone visuals greatly diminished. Also I overused for an extended time. To be honest I feel the reason is more due to the fact that I have not listened to the advice they have given. If you don't make positive changes based off of what you learn they stop giving you advice and inevitably take away the beauty until you've earned it that's my thoughts
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I experienced being locked out several years ago. After I learned how produce DMT for personal use, and did not have to rely on seeking it out I totally overindulged. I specifically remember, during that time period, I traveled to hyper-space 4 times within a day. It was an amazing day! I saw and met so many different entities throughout the various trips. I got greedy from the pure exhilaration and curiosity of what could happen on the next encounter, so I decided to try it a 5th time. The 5th attempt was not very successful lol. I hit a black wall filled with static and was specially told not to go back for 3 months.

I really tried to refrain for 3 months haha, but broke "the rules" and took another trip after 2 months. I was curious but very anxious to try it again. I actually had a surprisingly good reception from the entitles. It was a scene straight from Mario World. A group of entities were a in a box railroad cart dressed in cow, chicken and pig costumes, slowly riding down a digital railroad track flipping me off and saying fuck you repeatedly. They made me smile and I knew I had been welcomed back, but with knowledge of boundaries

Just give it some time. Your synapses need a break from over exposure and.... (just from my experience) They're not keen on visitor abuse.
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UPDATE 4/2021
Just thought I'd post a long-term follow up for reference.
After over a year I can report that I have only been able to regain some of the effects of DMT when vaped.
It's not even close to what it once was.

I've also tested ground (baked) rue powder in low doses a couple times over the past several months since the crisis event last year, with no unusual effects.

Mushrooms are extremely mild in effect as well--just like the DMT-- maybe 10-20% of normal. Fuck.
Cactus/mescaline does still work as before the crisis.
This confirms that it's only the tryptamine receptors in my brain that are still being impacted after all this time, because the phenethylamines in mescaline still work.

The lesson remains-- be careful my friends-- it's just too dangerous to ever mix this otherwise harmless stuff with 5HTP or anything like it-- hypertensive crisis and/or serotonin syndrome can kill you. Please stay safe!
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WOW! So much of this resonates extremely familiar with my experiences. Even the inactivity of shrooms. And the different possible things that are unfamiliar with seratonin syndrome, haven't used maoi so didn't think it applied, but the apex of my experiences involved a death experience, that I still question the reality of...thats pretty spooky stuff.
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I might be able to give some logic to your dilemma. Tho I can't talk on serotonin issues etc but your personal place right now.

I was introduced to dmt by a friend of mine, and I had a few experiences that were very meaningful to me, but my friend had a very bad one, and gave his dmt to someone else so I was and have been left in the dark for some time now. Though one experience I had I got told "don't worry you'll be back".

Now if the dmt experience is a real thing as in another place etc.. then I've nothing really to worry about, as I was told I'll be back, be it when I die, or when I somehow get more dmt.

And if it's not "real" and it's just the brain going a bit nuts on a drug... Then I've literally not lost anything, infact I am perhaps protected from its possible delusions.

So either way.. I'll let it be.

I do seriously want to try it again, I really feel I need it. But it's not to be right now.

The devil wants to climax now. The devil wants all the plesure and none of the work. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.. without work... it doesn't work.
The devils greatest lie is we don't have enough time..

I personally would and am trying to be patient. If you're doing these things for plesure and entertainment, I'm my opinion.. thats a very bad idea. If you're not, then I'm sure you'll be fine for a good amount of time. No rush.
I see you have mentioned about being ok with this, and wanting other perspectives. Unfortunately I'm not educated enough to give any real chemical advice on why this happened

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Some points are very interesting, I dont know how to quote multiple posts yet, but there was mention of being warned by the hyperspace entities, or experience prior to the loss of effects.. I had the same such experiences, couple of them, but it was and still is sorta hard to wrap your mind around such implications..

I've got a few very fantastic and imaginative suspicions but they're too far out at this point to bring into this discussion, this is a safety and health focused thread.
Everything i say is fictional, I just wanna be cool and fit in.
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