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So i just got promotet to a full membership and now i am able to write about this topic so ill do.

Im 23 Year old from germany im studieng Philosophie and im a long term psychedelic user.

As a fan of Terrence MKenna ive heard of the three toke approach and that this stuff tastes like shit.
I dont know if it is just my personal experience but i am here to tell at least to less experiences users that this was not the case for me.

Im making my own DMT since the beginning of this year and im quite new to it, but if you got a proper smoking device and your technique down you should be able to get off in about 30 - 40 mg and you should be able to do it in one toke.
And if you vaporize it the right way it will taste quite smooth and you will need a lot less.
There is only one thing worse than having this buring taste in your mouth, having it while getting of on DMT.

Why One toke?

1: Potency:
It seems to me that with the usage of spice, every second can influence your trip like:
If you do it in 4 tokes your trip will last longer but you will not get as high as if you do it in one toke.
The primal rule should be to get everything in for as long as possible, as fast as you can and as clean as you can.(you will safe a lot of travelmaterial too)

2: comfort:
If a trip just lasts 5min it is just a waste to spend 2min smoking, and it is just a pleasure to have 15sec left to lie down until it hits you.
Also it takes away any stress of smoking wich makes the experience much more pleasant.

This is maybe the most important point.
Because you loose muscle control it is just not safe to handle a hot pipe or a butan torch while on the strongest stuff on this planet.

How to?

The "machine" is my way of smoking pure spice and in my opinion a lot of people use this device like a GVG ore any other pipe, some use it a little bit different and i think thats where the name of this thing derived from.

Where is the trick?
There is just no slow toking with this thing.
1: Load your mesh with the dosage you want.
2: melt it inside that the spice is firmly spread over the mesh for perfect induction.
(dont let it touch the glass or it will burn)
3: Just put your torch flame directly to the mesh and toke like an idiot!
(if you toke to slow it will burn)

This way i am able to vaporize nearly perfectly in around 10sec (40mg).

Would like to hear some experience responses.
Im perfectly aware that some people will do it like this but it took me quite a while to figure out a smooth aquiring method.
Also it comes down to personal preferences of course.

peace outSmile


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