The minds ability of Set n Setting Options
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In the last 2 years I was without Anti Psychotic medicine
I've noticed the strangest ability that had surfaced with
Other unwanted effectes of my illness

Very much how those unwanted effects might be a form of illness
Illusion and untrue

This effect or ability I want to bring up
Seem to be real

Someone brought up in chat there is a known diagnosis for this

What I'll call it is Set n Setting n future telling

Now this ability I would explain by an example
For example
A person Is watching a TV show
Prior to episode 6 the mind has picked up about what's gonna be shown in episode 6
Caused the human to write an essay about random subject

And then when the human watches episode 6 suddenly there's
A discussion about some speech that someone wrote ect ect ect

Now that causes the person watching the TV show to be more
"Immersed" In the episode since it feels personal as he was
Writing a speech of he's own

Now what brought the person to adjust himself to create a more immersive experience before watching episode 6?

It's clearly not the prior episodes that led to it by subconscious information
Since they were way to far fetched from the next episode

I came up with a bunch of thoughts

For one
It seemed to me during those day
From the cause of having really vivid dreams
That the day itself the physical day
Was nothing more then an interpretation of the dream the night before

Then I wondered if the mind knows the day prior to the day itself

Allowing to adjust to the set n Setting to make the experience more personal

I'm also considering the fact that we humans
Can Sync into the digital realm
And having a bunch of people on the screen doing things
Is sort of a process of processing information and future events
Rather then just watching TV for amusement
It was so strange to watch TV with a psychosis going on

I'm not sure what do I make of it
Is the TV shows Programs for the mind
Does the characters help the mind process future
It's the wrong questions I'm having a hard time to explain the concepts
That were brought up during those days
As now I'm 6 month on meds and that realm of thought is beyond me

I noticed many times
That the mind was processing the day prior to it happening
By using daydreaming about memories that were actually messages / responses
To things that haven't happened yet

Now thing is
I was mostly watching TV and playing Video games during that

So I took a hard turn bought plane tickets and flew to europe
That's when the *messages* in the mind of thought about certain things that are yet to come up
For example
Prior to playing X song
I was thinking about Y thing and resaulted in the thought
I don't care I trust you

I went on the daily things and turned on the music
Then a song came up
It was a story song
The story was about fiddle players
And then the singer said
A fairy fiddle would only play with love or a mortals trust

It was like woha strange
A set n Setting moment

It was as if the mind set itself for what's about to come
In playlist / tv show / random chats on the street

I got a bit untrusting of setting playlists and watching TV shows

It was like ... Idk ... Playing a netflix TV show
Wasn't watching TV anymore
I played a show
Then a bunch of lessons trough thought would run in my mind
And then when I watched the next episode
It was all made clear why I was thinking about those strange things

I didn't know what to make of it
Setting myself up to enjoy tv more
Was there a presence in the TV show that could attach itself to me
Was I being possessed by one of the characters in the TV show

A bunch of strange thoughts

Seems to be ... The mind just processes things that hasn't happened yet
But how could this be
I don't know the future
It wasn't about knowing the future really
Till I ventured out to europe

Cause over there I was processing conversations that hasn't happened till I found them on the streets

Then I kinda stopped blaming Netflix for undercharging for it's mysterious unspoken of services

It seemed to be this is an ability of the mind

Manifestations ?

Did I conjure up those people I spoke with by thinking about certain things

Where did I conjure them out from
It's all really strange
I was considering that were in a multi dimensional reality
That one can move in

And I found some proofs to that as well
One night we were walking in the streets of athens
Then I saw the aura's of two people sitting on stairs
I told the people I was with look there's 2 people sitting here
They didn't understand what I am about
So I left a beer can next to them
A symbolic act to show I wanted to meet them

30 minutes later 2 people arrived and sat at the exact place
I didn't talk with them , we were up on the hill above them chilling

A few months after
I was in the woods nearby some small town
And only instead of people I saw a bunch of aura's of horses
I went for a stroll and when I returned the place was packed
With horses

Idk what in saying really
I was wondering if they were there
If that's they're summoning spot for our "instance" of reality

A bunch of questions

Arrrgh I wandered off here I'm not even sure what I'm talking about
Although I'll still post this
Maybe someone can find interest in this , add to this, Scientifically see some points in this
This is the nexus after all

Good day
And thanks for reading

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If we have free will then so do electrons. Strange experience , tho . I don’t know who’s dream this is but I hope they are enjoying it!
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