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Any experiences I or SWIM mention have happened only in my nightly dreams.

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I've always loved this report and it's stuck with me without me really knowing why until years of integrating my experiences.

I had this experience quite a while back:

In the blackness I met an entity which through deception, tricked me into merging with it once more which was extremely dysphoric and once the merging was over, everything was back to 'normal' and I wrote it off as just being a hyperslap and didn't enquire deeper into it for a long time.

Since then, the majority of my experiences seem to want to point my awareness towards the fact that this thing is entangled with me, I've come to identify with it but when I'm able to separate it from me, I realise all is not as it should be.. I think my will is my own but what I view as I is actually tangle of me as an observer and this shadowy thing that has its own agenda separate from my own.

What's funny too is that I've since then, had several experiences where I've gone back to this black void where 'I' feels like an incredibly thin concept and continues to thin, only to be met with an entity that likes to think of itself as god or at least would like me to think of it as god, it plays on my fears to ultimately turn away from the direction I'd been headed (the total dissolution of 'I' as 'I' know it) and instead, merge with it once more which brings me directly back to the same human experience of having will but also seemingly fighting my own will constantly.

I've also read many reports here where people talk of this dark space and seem to have been talked into this as heaven and the intelligence they meet there as some sort of god, I'd be curious to hear what people would see if they brought a degree of skepticism with them to when they next meet it.

Ultimately, I've been beyond this black space and the beast that dwells there many a time and I know this thing is not god (quite the opposite!) but still, my journeys seem to focus in on this thing as it seems to be the key to understanding why it is that our will is not our own and why heaven on earth which could easily be a reality, continues not to be.

The original author of this story about Opti did an incredible job of describing it and studying its qualities
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