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#1 Posted : 3/23/2021 11:03:44 AM

YĆ«gen "a profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe ... and the sad beauty of human suffering"

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Location: Center of the universe
(mind)Set: Open and explorative
(physical condition) Set: Had smoked a little changa earlier that morning and ready to push further, feeling good.
Setting (location):Seated in my favorite chair in front of the open sliding glass door, lots of indirect sunlight
time of day: Was about 3pm and a beautiful day
recent drug use: Smoked a little changa around noon.
last meal: Had a taco salad about half an hour prior

Gender: (m)
body weight: (77kg)
known sensitivities: None, in fact I seem to have a naturally higher tolerance to just about everything
history of use: I would consider myself a novice, but experienced


Substance(s): Changa and DMT freebase
Dose(s): 50mg of changa followed by 20mg of DMT freebase
Method of administration: Smoked the changa in a glass pipe, then vaped the DMT in an e-mesh rig.


Administration time: Total administration time was about two minutes. I smoked the changa and rode the come-up for a couple of minutes then hit the e-mesh.
Duration: (.5 hours)
First effects: lovely body high, everything became liquid and rippled, some tracers, some color change
Peak: I have no idea when the peak was. I felt like I was in hyperspace for hours.
Come down: Come-down was about 12 minutes in according to my partner. This blew my mind as there were points where I began to wonder how long this was going to last. It felt like hours.
Baseline:I probably wasn't back to baseline for at least another 30 to 45 minutes.
Intensity (overall): On a 1-4 scale, I would say the intensity was a solid 3.5
Evaluation / notes: All I can say as far as an evaluation goes is that this was the most lovely experience I have had to date.

Pleasantness: (4)
Impleasantness: (.5), the beginning was intense and I had to talk myself down a little.)
Visual Intensity: (4)


Hangover: (0)
Afterglow: (3 ; My connection to my body and feelings afterward was unbelievable. I felt amazing all day after this trip. Ecstatic even.)


So the changa hit a touch harder than expected, but I kind of anticipated it due to there being some left on the bottom from our trip to the preserve. However, I let myself come up until I could feel a plateau, then ripped the vape. I knew right away that it was vaping perfectly. There is a level of heat that you experience just before the burning point and the entire hit felt like that. I immediately felt my body solidifying just like my first breakthrough before my entire self started melting away. I was in this space that I can only recall as a galaxy spiral made up of eyes and everything became more clear and plasticine as my body became more and more rigid. I had to talk myself into settling into it as intense as it was.

I was then transported to this space that was like a tesseract. It was fourth dimensional and I was not out of my body. It was as if the medicine and/or my guide wanted me to feel everything that I was seeing. It was so clear and I can remember everything I felt even though I cannot recall what I saw, and one of the things I remember was the overwhelming exhilaration and awe as I watched this display of impossible, higher dimensional architecture being created inside this massive tesseract. It was like Source's workshop, manufacturing reality. Everything had a very esoteric vibe, as if I was witnessing miracles being created right in front of me and I remember feeling like I had been here before. It was so familiar. It also seemed to illustrate some principles of of the Freemasons and there was a lot of metaphor in everything I was seeing and feeling. As above, so below.

The next phase was even more intense and I cannot remember anything but the feelings of awe, inspiration, love, connection, and I will skip over this because anything I think to say about this part just doesn't make sense nor does it even come close.

The come down phase... riiiiiight. This phase felt even longer than the breakthrough portion of the experience. It was soooooo intense, and unlike any other comedown phase I have experienced yet. While the visuals were intense and beautiful, there was other things happening as well. The colors would shift and I would feel a wave of matching emotion. Streaks of light would draw my attention to something that would provide a message about my body and what I was feeling. I could feel every inch of myself, inside and out. It felt as if all of this was the medicine's way of tuning every part of my physical being like an instrument. I could talk all day about this experience but I will sum it to say that I have never felt so in touch with myself. It was like wires were getting uncrossed and my person getting a tune-up. Afterward, I felt like I was truly a new man. I had the most incredible sex with my fiance afterward, feeling in practically full control of my body, everything just felt so good, sensual, connected, even some biases and judgements that I had been challenged with lately were completely dissolved. Not only did I feel universally loved, but loving my partner in a way I had not experienced before. Words cannot do this experience justice.

So that was my Sunday. Thank you for reading.

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