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How do I care for this little fellow? Options
#1 Posted : 3/15/2021 2:03:56 PM

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Hi all,

I got this one from my wife, never had any cacti’s before, how do I take care of it?


Yugambeh attached the following image(s):
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#2 Posted : 3/15/2021 2:26:53 PM

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Water sparingly, keep it in well aerated soil, keep at a relatively warm temperature, and by the looks of it you may want to consider up-potting it soon.
#3 Posted : 3/15/2021 3:35:35 PM

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What are the lighting requirements like? I have read a few different things.
I am planning to grow some when I move in near future and can afford artificial light and also understand that too high of lighting is not what these plants require in nature and grow in partial shade.
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#4 Posted : 3/15/2021 5:28:27 PM
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They like light, and will thrive in light, but also do well in partial shade. Really the soil and your watering practices are where it will get finicky if you stray from it's preferences; which have been laid out in the previous reply. Good luck, man.
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#5 Posted : 3/15/2021 7:04:15 PM

Boundary condition

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They also like a decent bit of ventilation. Grow chambers would require fans.

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