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#1 Posted : 3/13/2021 6:10:20 PM
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Hey y'all. I'm an aspiring psychonaut and have been seeking out some slightly more obscure drug experiences. I don't have an essay to write, but just wanted to say that I'm here to ask a question about my mescaline extraction and am generally a good faith actor. Pleased to meet you all!

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#2 Posted : 3/23/2021 5:43:34 PM

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We're pleased to have you. Definitely hope to learn more about you.

What kind of tek are you presently using for mescaline?

What drug experiences have you experienced so far.

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#3 Posted : 3/24/2021 1:24:14 AM

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You're in luck - there's stuff going on here that could change your outlook on mescaline extraction completely.

I'd definitely like to hear your answers to the questions that Voidmatrix posed.
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#4 Posted : 4/15/2021 12:12:06 PM
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I'm also new here and interested in the same, among others, don't want to hijack so happy for this to be moved elsewhere if appropriate. I'm phytogenesis. I am returning to the enthoegen space after some time away, years ago i planted Acacia maidenii and Acacia floribunda in my garden and 15yrs later I'm interested in developing a relationship with these plants. I have an extensive cactus collection and also lots of locally growing Pilocybe mushrooms.

I have previously tried the limonene dry-tek and a variation on Kash A/B but also don't mind brewing tea really in the scheme of things.

I'm interested in getting to know Syrian Rue and flexing my ancient chemistry skills and abilities, keen to learn from everyone and interested in participating in discussion rather than just reading, as i have for so many year.

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