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#1 Posted : 3/12/2021 6:15:38 PM
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Hey guys! HangmansHeart here.
The first time I came to the Nexus was the day after my first breakthrough. When I took that first hit, it felt as though something was wrong; little did I know it was very very very right. Ever since that stunning experience, I've wanted to experience more. I've been a browser here for a decent few months learning of extraction teks and about various entheogenic containing plants , etc , with the hope that I can spread the knowledge of safe psychadelic use.

Spice as a whole, the community and the substance has shown me things about myself that I never thought I'd be able to see and has allowed me to fix problems I didn't even know were there. The experiences I've had on deems are unlike anything I could even fathom; entities, other dimensions, and space aliens (oh my!).

With my time on the Nexus, I plan on using it to study primarily about safe extraction methods, the deemer-dimension itself, and the psychadelic experience. I also am learning how to grow mushrooms and more fun entheogens, so stay tuned for some interesting projects.

Thank you all for being wonderful!
I hope to make many friends here Smile

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Welcome! Looking forward to your project results. Thank you for sharing.
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Welcome HMH!

Little did you know... lol.

This is the perfect community to learn from and share with. I personally have been getting a great enjoyment out of growing mushrooms lately. So much I’m expanding into edible and medicinal projects soon. Good luck!

Look forward to hearing more, and again, welcome!
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