Targeted psychedelic healing using TCM organ body clock Options
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I hypothesize it's possible to intelligently target the healing of specific body systems by using psychedelics at a specific time of day. I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who noticed a circadian/time connection with psychedelics and body issues.

I've been working intensely with Aya for a few months to heal some autoimmune/organ inflammation type things.

I have been drinking consistently at 11pm, after everyone in my house & my neighbor's cross-eyed dog goes to sleepLaughing

I share Jeremy Narby's opinion that much of shamanism is the brain's symbolic way of communicating to the conscious mind about the inner workings of our molecular biology. I stumbled upon some Aya lore talking about how different spirits come at different hours. 8-10pm is when the earth/elemental spirits come, and 11pm-3am is when the celestial beings come.

The 11pm-3am caught my attention because I recalled this being linked to an important window of healing in TCM. I also thought it was interesting because no matter how much I take, what time I start, or for how long it feels like I'm in hyperspace, almost always I'm done like clockwork at 3am. So, body cycles. It was like this when I drank in the past, too - always done at 3am.

Note: specifically it's the effects of the harmalas that follow this schedule for me, DMT does its own thing and seems dose-dependent, rather than time-of-day dependent.

I decided to experiment with the 8-10pm window, and the same thing happened - I was done at 10pm, whether I started early or late.

It's not a far stretch to reason that psychedelics could have an interplay with our circadian rhythm/hormonal cycles.

One of the things I've been dealing with is a pericardial effusion. My chest pain got enormously better after ceremony when I switched the time I drink (starting at 8pm).

And wouldn't you know...

I've ordered a bunch of books on TCM & Aya. I'm only starting a deep dive on the subject, but the amount of similarities are staggering. I'm curious if there's an overlap with Aryuveda, but I know very little about that.

Depending on what you need from the medicine, it might not hurt to consult the TCM body clock and see if it supercharges your ceremony. Please report back if you do! Love
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A question i have is if these amounts of caapi you take make you puke. Because puking very regularly could cause a deficiancy in potassium at some point. Luckily there are plenty of foods that are very rich in potassium.

I think breathing exercises like wim hoffs, but there's probably a host of shamanic practices that include breathing techniques as well, have been shown to be very helpfull with immune related diseases.

The study done to hoffs breathing technique showed that an immune response to a toxin from a bacteria could be supressed by practicing this breathing technique. I'm no medic and it was quite a complicated system, but if i understand it correctly, a slight temporary shortage of oxygen in the blood that is not harmfull, caused by the breathing technique, triggers the release of adrenaline, wich in turn triggers the release of cortisol, wich then lowers a whole lot of immuno responses in the body.

It is interesting what ancient traditions have to say about the biological rhytm of our organism. I think respecting the body's biorhytm is one of the most basic principles of having a good physical and mental health.

One of the typicalities of psychiatric patients or people with dementia is that they often realy have no clue of what time of the day it is.
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In all of my years of drinking Aya, I have only ever vomited twice. I usually sweat, snot, and cry instead. Cool

Both times I vomited, it was with chacruna as an admix. Those were the only two times I ever drank chacruna. Razz

It's good to mention, though, for the sake of anyone else reading this thread. I have a doctor I can honestly discuss my psych use with, and it's invaluable.

I haven't tried Wim Hof, that's really interesting, thank you. I've always loved yoga, and I'm sure the breathwork is a part of what makes it so calming.
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Interesting you mention Aryuveda. Recently discovered this in my studies. I was given a palm reading an quick analysis of me being Vata and Pitta, physically more Vata but mentally more Pitta I believe. I'm new to this still. But I'm aware from this and life experience that I should eat light and give myself more daily routines to balance myself out. Drink more water too!

I'm very curious on how to implement this information too.
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