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40 milligram harmalas extract ; time:12:30

i made some harmalas extract about a year ago and because some problems in my life i didn't used it , so this last month i interested in lucid dreaming and some friends told me that i could use harmalas extract for lucid dreaming so last night i separated 40 milligram of harmalas and swallowed it with water.
5 minute later my stomach started to burn so i said to my self, shit maybe my extract have problem or maybe after one year it go bad ! This burning did not bother me much, but it lasted for 2 hours.
i said to myself this ain't gonna work so i go to sleep at 3:30

i was in snowy mountain road with a lot of people headed to i don't know where.
we (me and my friend) walking with other people and i said to my friend that i love lucid dreaming but never had it and maybe this world is just a dream or a game that we playing in it. and after seeing beautiful natural scenery in this road i wake up.

this morning i woke with focus and how to say it :transparency i guess!
my stomach a little hurt but not bothering me.
i extracted this harmalas with Manske method but I went to step 7 and when i got crystals i didn't continue extraction.
could sodium carbonate or other substances that causes intoxication Stayed in this extractions crystals?
could harmala crystals goes bad after one year?
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