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#1 Posted : 3/6/2021 1:44:58 AM
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Hello everyone!

I have read for some time now about DMT and this forum came up when I searched for info on vaporizers to use. Great source of information on all things DMT here.

I tried some freebase with a friend a couple times from a volcano and I thought that was pretty reality shattering compared to my previous experiences with higher doses of shrooms, spacecakes and acid (seperate and taken together).

Now today I tried it again with a freshly cleaned Crafty this time. I'm not sure how much I took because I had no scale available but I would estimate I had about 30-40mg in there. Preheated to 150C until it started to melt and then increasing temperature to 180C. I only managed to take two long deep breaths, first from 180C and second at 183C. Was supposed to try a few degrees higher still but I just couldn't.

I was prepared for anything or so I thought. Almost instantly after the second inhale came visuals stronger than I've ever imagined possible. I saw something and everything move in patterns I can really describe as I was sitting on the sofa in a dark room. Closing my eyes I just left somewhere, I wasn't really present there anymore mentally. I don't know how long after that, I opened my eyes again but I enjoyed the visuals while having my eyes shut so I did just that.

I felt an overwhelmingly positive presence. A little similar to shrooms, I felt one with everything around me, but the feeling felt so much greater than myself... I just felt tiny but in a good way. Everything seemed to happen at once, my mind was racing faster than I was able to keep up. This feeling started to mellow little by little as I regained awareness. Lying on the sofa I felt cold and put a long sleeve on. My body was shivering, and I was feeling great. This is now about T+10 minutes after taking the last hit from the vape. Everything started to feel more normal but with a strong positive afterglow.

I think I took a little too much for a first time with this method. Taking a go with Volcano before with 80mg+ in there was a much more controllable experience probably because I wasn't able to inhale much of the bag at once. I expected something similar this time as I thought I had a pretty elevated experience those first times. Apparently I was very wrong and a long way from a breakthrough. Now I see that I underestimated the spice here and hopefully will (not?) do that again.

The experience here was frankly a surprise. I have read a lot of experiences years before I had it in my hands here to try. It's completely different to hear someone write about this without experiencing it yourself. Shroom experiences I've read about I could relate to, but I feel this seemed much more personal. I think I probably would've had a breakthrough experience if I had taken the third breath in but the second one felt like it was just way too much so maybe it's good I didn't.

Will definitely need to experiment further!


Ok, I tried again if there was any more left in the liquid pad. There definitely was. Had another one nearly as strong as the first one. So I would say that the dose first time around was just around 20mg. Too tired to write about it much anymore though, but in short it wasn't that pleasant this time, it shook me way more. This method with a crafty seems to have been way more effective than with a volcano for me.

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DMT is highly personal. It can feel overwhelming at times. Go at your own pace.

Glad to see you are being adventurous and curious. I hope you discover, uncover and illuminate!

Thanks for sharing your experience!
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