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I prepared 6 nearly-identical dose mediums (picture attached)

The dime-bags are identical, the stainless steel mesh balls are varied sizes a bit, but I made sure to pay little attention to which was smaller or bigger, I already forget after 4 days.

The dosage is about 12mg on each ball, 2 with jimjam DMT, 2 with Jungle DMT, 2 with White DMT.

After Smoking, I will label my guess on the bag, only once all 6 have been smoked will I reveal what the true label says underneath. I will also document my observations of the effects.

Note: the guesses/actual were all filled in AFTER all 6 tests were complete

Blind test 1:
Smoked at 6:08pm.

Upon smoking I was paying close attention to the taste, after exhaling I decided it tasted like jimjam. I had just tested the strength of the jimjam 2 days ago several times and felt it tasted the same.
The effects were significantly sub-breakthrough with 3-dimensional but poorly detailed visuals with indistict entities in the theme of am amusement park. Having visited one yesterday that could make sense. The non-visual effects were of relaxation and contentedness. While not at baseline writing this, the visuals have stopped a few minutes ago and a non-distict subtle consciousness shift remains which I often notice for 30+ minutes after smoking DMT.

I scrawled "jimjam" as my guess making sure to avoid looking at the back of the label when the answer is barely visible, I look forward to the test tomorrow, but I forsee a lot of uncontrolled variables (varying strength) and uncontrollable variables (taste) making it less about objective effects and more about spotting those differences. I plan to venture into pharmahuasca after this test (or an adjusted and/or higher dose blind test) maybe I can eventually do the same for pharma.

Guess: Jimjam
Actually: Jimjam

Blind test 2:

Smoked at 6:04pm.

I made sure to blindly mix up the balls before grabbing one. The ball I grabbed was one of the larger one and I though maybe it would be white DMT just based on a loose memory. As I lit up I prepared for a strong experience as I think the white DMT may be 2-3mg more than the other based on earlier test. I easily cleared the DMT from the ball and did not feel the effects too strongly. As I exhaled and tasted it I exclaimed "it's jungle" which I guessed would be the easiest to tell of the three.

What surprised me the most was just how low the effects were, the visuals were what I call "behind the curtain" visuals without distinct form. I opened my eyes after less than 1 minute and was able to function quite like normal. In my prior tests (with jungle) I saw much more and felt stronger effects, I doubt during a week in the freezer it degraded, it may have been a leak of liquid boiling from the heated ball during application, although that doesn't seem to happen with other drop-dosing.

I find that the relaxing emotional effects tend to scale with the strength of an experience and I feel just okay during the afterglow.

Guess: Jungle
Actually: White

Blind test 3:

Smoked at 5:23pm

Once again the procedure of smoking and avoiding looking at the label was the same. As there were plumes of white smoke I thought it was white DMT, but feeling medium effects I curiously exhaled and said "tastes like jungle" which is very earthy and slightly pungent compared to white and jimjam (assuming my guess is correct, haha). Unlike blind test 2 which I also presume to be jungle, this was the full 12mg dose with CEV with 3d details and a general scene. There were child entities alongside a cliff-side house but everything was abstract and hazy. The visuals continued for maybe 2 minutes as they gradually faded to indistinct geometric shapes moving slowly. Upon opening my eyes the OEVs were noticeably strong and a little unfamiliar compared to white DMT and jimjam (again assuming my guess is correct) The colors more flashes upon my wall and ceiling and the tiny imperfections on the wall resembled faces and plants vaguely which is not common in my 95%+ experiences with jimjam and white.

My relaxation is strong and I am slightly sedated/comfortable in the afterglow ~20 minutes afterwards. Very peaceful.

Guess: Jungle
Actually: Jungle

Blind test 4:

Smoked at 7:45pm (had employee group photo after work)

Same procedure as smoking. As I sat back and closed my eyes I was wondering if it was jimjam or white DMT and even upon exhaling I wasn't 100%. The effects were pretty clear to me as white DMT though. As I mentioned before I think the tincture made the white 2-3 mg more than the others, so the visuals were much more 3 dimensional with columns of morphing geometric shapes with humanoid patterns within at some points. The effects were surprisingly relaxing compared to me non-blind tests with white DMT (assuming my guess is right) could be a slight synergy with Indian food I ate, or chocolate earlier in the day. When I opened my eyes the OEVs were surprisingly similar to yesterday (jungle was my guess) and it was just placebo that it was different I think.

I am quite content afterwards although not noticeably sedated or relaxed.

Guess: White
Actually: Jimjam

Blind Test 5:

Smoked at 5:39pm

I definitely questioned myself on this one a lot. It was a dud, something made it the weakest of all the tests so far. from my guesses there is a white and a jimjam left, but the other weak one seemed like jungle and this one didn't really. It didn't taste as earthy and strong like jungle and I think it's jimjam, but it was WEAK! For 30 seconds there were hazy behind-a-curtain visuals

Guess: Jimjam
Actually: White

Blind test 6:

Smoked at 2:57pm

Oh my goodness. This one was a doozy for many reasons. First is that due to a process of elimination I assumed it was white DMT and second because it was objectively a bad trip. I have bad trips on MAYBE 1 in 100 experiences with DMT the others falling into generally positive to okay and slightly uncomfortable, but this was a bad trip. Since I was so confused by it, I peaked at the back of the label before writing this (it was the last one, so it is not cheating by a lot) and it was jungle meaning I made 1 or more mistakes earlier, which is fine. What wasn't so fine was what happened when I smoked the jungle that I thought was white DMT.

All that happened was a bright red set of images flashing upon my closed-eyed vision every 0.5 seconds or so, changing slightly each time. It was very aggressive and nonsensical. As often happening during intense trips I wondered what would happen if I opened my eyes but didn't dare. As this intense meaningless feeling happened I actively relaxed all my muscles and tried to remember my feelings after intense trips which really helped.

Surprisingly quickly it subsided and when I opened my eyes nothing too weird happened compared to any of the blind tests other than a high level of adrenaline coursing through my body. The duration was not much longer as with accidental large doses I've done before. No substances, no alcohol, no caffeine, no unique food items taken. Weird.

Anyway, with the test done, I'm going to transfer this text to a forum post, and check my guesses.

Guess: N/A
Actually: Jungle

Well that experiment not only ended on a very odd experience, but I was terrible at guessing the effects (I type that with a smile on my face). Experiments are great when you learn something unexpected and I surely did. I wrote with so much confidence about my guesses, but maybe it should be called hubris. I think I need to ponder on this test for a while before I can truly gleam it's meaning.
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Really interesting work. Much appreciate your posting.
I had a similar red bad trip recently. Red closed eye visuals and I just kept thinking I was being burned alive (or dead). I also didnt open my eyes until it subsided. small dose also. no more than 10 mg.
Thanks again
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Thanks for sharing!

For years I've been trying to get people to blind test because I've seem so many claims about how different DMT extracts will result in different effects and people rarely question whether self-suggestion can play a part.

Your tests further strenghten my thoughts that our subjective effects during a trip are far from being analytical instruments.

My hypothesis is that pretty much the same would happen with consuming different cactus species or chaliponga vs chacruna in aya (given dosages are adjusted), we couldn't accurately tell them apart.
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This is great work, q21q21. Thank you for taking the time and effort to go through with this.

In the end, it does seem like we are the main catalysts for these experiences. The molecules are merely groups of atoms, and it goes to show how much emphasis we tend to place on them.
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