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#1 Posted : 2/23/2021 1:37:32 PM

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Hey everyone!

so, I was checking out bongs to smoke changa with. I think my bong sucks but I also think I suck at smoking changa out of a bong! It's really hard for me to take it all in one hit...

at the same time, I was looking for a desktop vapo for cannabis... the crafty is great but the battery isn't... and so I think I should have something that's plugged in for my apartment.

These two different search gave birth to an idea that I want to submit to you.

The first search lead me to find the Studenglass Gravity Bong:

With that, I thought that all the smoke would be trapped and it'd be super easy to get it all in one toke (especially because the smoke is actually "pulsed out" if that makes sense).

The second search lead me to find the NewVape Flowerpot :

And so, I am very well aware that these two things cost A LOT OF MONEY.
I also have the tendency to believe that money shouldn't be a problem when talking about sacred plants...

Cause I started to wonder: can you combine these two things? and apparently some people did :

So, the changa part is obvious enough.
But for the spice, it makes a lot of sense too, doesn't it? you set the flower pot to the optimum temp, flip the gravity bong and the vapor awaits for you! No? You see everything, you can time everything exactly as you want...

Just wanted to put that out here! : )
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#2 Posted : 2/23/2021 2:39:45 PM

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Thank you for posting that.

Both devices are new to me but they are very interesting.
I use the Plenty vaporizer for all kinds of herb and changa but the cooling unit
collects alot of residue from the DMT and is a beeatch to clean.
If the gravity bong works well for changa i would probably buy one, too.
Easy to use and you can just fall into your sofa and go to space.
Please keep us updated if you aquire one of those units.

Have a gud one!!!
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