2 step e-changa vs Changa in the Bonga Options
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Hey guys! So I've been very interested in trying changa since extracting my DMT about a year ago. My current method of administration is with the direct to e-mesh method (absolutely incredible, thank you to the many minds who developed this). I had also previously made a 1:4 e-juice blend that worked pretty well.

I've come to a dividing point in how I want to administer the changa, and I could use some of your insights on how to best choose.

Method #1: Two step e-changa

Description: SubL haramalas 20 minutes prior to vaping DMT e-juice

- No combustion (friendly for my apartment living)
- Very easy self administration for repeat DMT doses with the e-juice

- Limitations in duration of the SubL Harmalas (possible need to redose SubL if journeying for long periods of time which would interrupt the flow of the trip I imagine, or perhaps prematurely end the voyage.)
- Challenges in taking monster hits to breakthrough (concentrated juices plug coils).

Method #2: Changa in the Bonga!

Description: A classic blend of caapi leaves + THH/Harmine extract + DMT. In a bong of course! Lol.

- Unlimited duration for trip if desired due to continual re-administration of the harmalas
- Ability to "corner" your bowl for light tokes, and take the monster hit for the breakthroughs when ready

- Smoke production

I would like some guidance on the following questions:

1) How long does the SubL administration of harmalas maintain its effect? I could foresee myself commonly journeying for sessions in the 60-90 minute range, and probably rarely up to 2 hours.

2) How much smoke is produced by smoking changa? Is it minimal enough to smoke in an apartment (with windows closed in the middle of winter lol)

I'll be honest, I have been favoring the idea of the Changa in the Bonga method. But the concern for smoke production does weigh on my mind.

Thanks you guys!

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Although I'm more experienced with spice straight up in a gvg, I have recently discovered the joys of changa and have set up a bong specifically for this purpose. My bong is silicone with a glass downstem/glass bowl with ground glass connection. It works wonderfully.

Regarding sublingual harmalas, depends on how much you take. The dosage for sublingual is much smaller than oral. I used to take 15-20 mg under the tongue 20 minutes prior to vaping dmt. Other times I would take 15-20 mg of harmala freebase and sprinkle onto a rolled up cigarette and smoke before vaping dmt. The effects of these small doses seem to wear off quickly from what I noticed.

The smell/smoke produced from changa made on caapi leaf is manageable in an apartment, dissipates much quicker than say smoked cannabis flower. Still, my girl, who has only smoked dmt once, does not care for the smell, says it stinks. Nobody outside my apartment could ever tell I was smoking changa inside. The smell can be contained to a room.

I vote for changa in the bong. Then again I'm biased towards analog smoking/vaping.
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Thank you Tony6Strings, that's a great response! I think it is pretty informative, especially since you have perspectives on both.

Changa in the Bonga it is!
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Sadly I had no real effects with Harmala sublingual, they just kept chilling there and my mouth filled with saliva like hell while not being able to swallow that stuff ... in the end after 20 min I spitted stuff out and didnt look as stuff was absorbed, used non-water-soluble Freebase as I thought it would surpass membranes more readily, not tested with *HCl though.

I would just eat this stuff 45 min before doing business - you do it once and it will last the whole evening. Just as easy ...

1 component less to smoke when starting that session. Will have effects for easily 2 h and you dont have to do stuff after initially eating that.

250 mg for definitive full effects, but thats the border to get into nauseating ranges.

150 mg for already nearly as strong and definetly no nausea.

Would just try once eating that 150 and see if that s chilled enough - these 150 will definetly have an effect and when I did that sublingual I did not knew how much actually was going on, also as I told it felt like 0 Embarrased
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