Dual Extraction Tinctures Options
#1 Posted : 1/29/2021 10:59:56 PM

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So I’m getting into tincturing mushrooms. To start I’m doing a lions mane and reishi tincture. I’m trying to research dual extractions, and I’ve gotten different results as whether to do the water extract or ethanol extract first. I feel like I should do the ethanol first, as I’m not sure how I would store a water extract safely for a month plus. I thought about maybe freezing the water, but I’m not sure if that would destroy any of the actives.

Anyone have any experience with this method of mushroom extract?
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I don't have experience with tinctures of mushrooms, but I have some experience with making winter preserved products. Maybe adding food-safe conservants, like salt/sugar/vinegar/lemon juice would help preserving water product. Then freezing it in a plastic container - it would surely keep it preserved for a year at least.
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Been a little while since I read up on Lion's mane. But an area i am still very much interested in. Hopefully soon to be performing similar works.

Most of the research has been done on the fruiting bodies of Lion's mane. Hericenones are the active compound in the fruiting bodies relating to upregulating of NGF in vivo. Hericenones have poor water solubility (0.00018 g/L).

Hericenones are aromatic compounds isolated from the fruiting body of H. Erinaceus. Fresh fruiting bodies of the fungus were extracted with acetone.

Reddit has some good posts regarding Lion's Mane supplements and extracts.
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