What Was So Special About Our New Brain? Unified Coherence As Default Options
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I am sure this will interest many of you , full article  here, below are some highlights.
By Tony Wright

What was so special about our new brain? Unified coherence as default.
"I would like to point to what a functional perceptual system was capable of, or at least a crude description afforded by our limited current language.

"Our distant ancestors left us hints in their own much more contextual language that allude to a divine state of oneness and perpetual wonder. Clues are also emerging from our efforts to understand reality by building an abstract model that is starting to tell us something about the deeper nature of reality."

"The perceptual equipment our ancestral sense of self was facilitated by was the culmination of incredibly rare circumstances."

"Its emergence had more in common with growing a flawless pearl or crystal than classic adaptive selection."

"The end result was a huge mass of undifferentiated neural cells that had the capacity to behave in a very different way to our early neural system and induce a perceptual state that is impossible to even begin to comprehend unless you have experienced what today we call a perceptually altered state."

So what could it do?
"Well scientific data is pointing to quantum resonance (a term for something we don't really understand but we are beginning to observe the properties of) as the underlying ground state of biology. Specific sub-cellular structures and the substrate they provide for ordered or more crystalline forms of water appear to be part of the interface between reality as we think we know it and the infinite and mysterious reality that underlies it. Whatever the phenomena turns out to be it has been proposed as the spark of consciousness that seems to exist in even the most simple unicellular forms of life. It appears to be based on what are called coherent states, a kind of vibrating field that has properties more in common with the mysterious reality of quantum physics but that manifests or intrudes into the atomic or molecular world we recognise usually at the micro level"

"OK, the mechanisms are less important than why a huge mass of uniform or undifferentiated neural cells would make any difference. Expanding the weak sub cellular micro fields into a much more coherent and powerful macro field is limited by the variation in cellular and sub-cellular structure. A bit like having an orchestra made up of completely different instruments and being played by people reading from sheet music with scores from every imaginable genre.  Each instrument creates a sound, but there is no harmony. A uniform mass of undifferentiated neural tissue is like having a huge orchestra in which everyone plays the same instrument and reads the same music.  The instruments play the same note and create a powerful unified or coherent sound. It is the capacity to facilitate this powerful unified sound or macro quantum field that is the magic. Rather than disconnected or isolated sub-cellular fields, a singular field emerges that can be considered a portal between the world we think we know and the world we used to know.  

The individual cells form a connected array behaving more like a single cell with a very powerful coherent field, and if that weren't weird enough the powerful fields these uniform neural systems facilitate could also act like a non-local array, as distance is not relevant when these kinds of fields resonate at the same frequency. So in simple money, the uniform embryonic structure could facilitate a state of connection with everything else, and most easily of all, with structures that resonated the same way. So we became more of a singular interconnected entity with the capacity to experience and know the nature of deeper reality rather than trying to conceptualise it as we do now.

This can be seen more accurately as the cosmos extruding itself into an incredibly complex configuration to create self perception equipment or lens of such high resolution it can begin to recognise itself."

Sounds far fetched?
Recent studies support the idea our perceptual system is capable of a quite different kind of function than has been previously assumed if sufficiently stimulated.

LSD Study Reveals Unprecedented "Harmonic" Reorganization of Brain (Article with link to paper)
Also a few introductory links to neural and quantum coherence.

Quantum coherence in microtubules: A neural basis for emergent consciousness?

Discovery of Quantum Vibrations in “Microtubules” Inside Brain Neurons Corroborates Controversial 20-Year-Old Theory of Consciousness

The Hippies Were Right: It's All about Vibrations, Man!

Quantum Consciousness _ And its Nature In Microtubules. Dr. Stuart Hameroff .

Neuroscientists Say They've Found an Entirely New Form of Neural Communication

Human high intelligence is involved in spectral redshift of biophotonic activities in the brain.

Live visualizations of single isolated tubulin protein self-assembly via tunneling current: effect of electromagnetic pumping during spontaneous growth of microtubule

Sir Roger Penrose & Dr. Stuart Hameroff: Consciousness and the Physics of the Brain.

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You should read. WHOLENESS & THE IMPLICATE ORDER if you can.... your OP reminded me of this deepest book EVER. PEACE and thanks for your ideas and possible truths you highlight.

enjoyable read


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Thank you, I will make sure to look into it, from what I just read on it, it looks really interesting
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