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Legarto Rey
#1 Posted : 1/23/2021 3:20:03 PM
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Basic query re ingestion of quality powdered cacti as a paste. I do appreciate with SP @40g is requisite. I'm not purge averse, but typically add anti-emetics to my plant teacher sessions.
I'm a minimalist, my extractions, tryptamine/phenethylamine, being rudimentary. Thanks for input!


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#2 Posted : 1/23/2021 6:34:35 PM

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I consumed SP powder paste doughballs as described in this thread.

Honestly I wouldn't recommend it, not a great roa, it is difficult to consume enough material this way in order to have a truly powerful experience.

I had much better results with a simple alcohol resin. Allowed me to consume the alkaloids from 100 grams worth powder while cutting the amount of material I had to consume by a great deal. Allowed me my first truly entheogenic cactus trip, comparable to several hundred mics lsd. This is how I will work with cactus powder from now on, and will see if I can clean it up some more...

Best of luck to you in your cactus journeys!!
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