Transcendental Meditation and Ormus Options
#1 Posted : 1/23/2021 5:02:38 PM

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Has anyone learned the TM technique if so share an experience or your thoughts on it.

Same goes for Ormus. Both these things have entered my life recently and I'm just wanting to see if anyone here has any info on either subject.

I've been taking atomic ormus for 2 weeks now and I enjoy it, as far as TM I'm actually about to learn that today for the first time so I'll probably ending up posting what happens afterwards on here.

Time has passed a decent enough to update this.

TM Update: Works well for me! Seems to help the mental/physical aspects of stress buildup. Keeps stress lower and my mind more at ease. This is the first kind of meditation I've gotten instructions by a teacher to do. I enjoy it and look forward to other benefits of it expanding my awareness.

Ormus Update: It had seemed to work well in helping mediation and when taking it I felt a bit more energy. I heard ormus has the ability to convert into certain things that your body may need help in. Can't wait to buy more when I can.

On a side note I've bought Algae Oil that helps give Omega 3s better than fish oil and no heavy containing metals, can even help inflammation and joint pain. Read some reviews on how this 45 year old dude had really bad back pain and after taking this he's never felt better. So I may use to thread to write that down too in the future.
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