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Hello everyone,

Long time lurker first time poster here!
I'm here because I'm particularly interested in the DMT-extraction field. I successfully conducted about 10 extractions with STB and A/B teks. I always found a lot of very useful information on the Nexus about this topic but now that I'm more experienced, I want to try different methods of extraction.
I know there are very knowledgeable people on this forum and their help in perfecting an extraction technique would be gladly welcome. This comes naturally with giving back people my insight on extraction technique and perhaps other topics as well.

I'm glad to be part of the Nexus community Big grin Have a nice day everyone ! Thumbs up

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Welcome and have a nice day, too.
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Hey there. Which specific teks have your performed and which is your favorite and why? I've only tried two different ones myself and love performing the Max Ion Tek (that was my first, second was GordoTek, but that process didn't satisfy me). It took a couple tries (had jars break a few times), but finally got the hang of it.

I enjoy that tek because I always get good yields (with good starting product. The acacia used the first few times didn't produce much), and the process chills my overdrive anxiety down Big grin .

If you end up developing your own tek, please share!

One love
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Welcome to The Nexus!

I'm also curious what is your favorite method so far and why... And what new methods do you want to try?

Be well!
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