Scientific Study Suggests That Kratom Can Suppress Hallucinations Options
#1 Posted : 1/11/2021 4:25:43 AM

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I've been experiencing no effect from the old DMT lately. Mushroom effects greatly reduced as well.
Starting to wonder if semi regular Kratom dosing could be the culprit.
I don't take large amounts, just a few capsules a few days in a row with days off in between.
curious of other peoples experiences.
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#2 Posted : 1/11/2021 6:50:18 PM

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I am a methadone maintenance patient. I've always felt like the methadone dulls the dmt experience slightly. For instance, I need 40 to 45 mg for a breakthrough experience whereas most people report needing only 30 mg.
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Coincidental that I found this recent thread as I was with my newly-acquired full membership planning to post the same query.

Felnik, I take a bit more kratom than you do. As a newcomer to DMT I've been frustrated by my inability to get beyond the waiting room. I even tried 50mg the other night with my APX Volt: intense pulsing colors and general body buzz for maybe 2 minutes and that was it.

I'd been wondering if kratom was the culprit, and your kindly linked article and scientific study are, if not absolute proof, no little smoke from the gun.

Now I just have to decide whether the mood calming and energy that kratom gives me (a cancer survivor previously a little too fond of benzos) is worth never discovering the wonder that I'm confident lies before me with DMT.

Thanks very much for bringing this to my attention! I hope your own situation takes you eventually back to where you want to go.
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