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Most guides say 2:1 or 1:1 plant matter to DMT, but what have you guys tried?
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When making changa my only concern about ratio was too much herb material making breakthrough impossible. If you are not looking to breakthrough making a blend with more herbs will make it harder to accidentally overshoot. After collecting my yield of dmt in a cup I add 1g of mullein and a couple ml of acetone allow full absorption then full evaporation. No matter how much dmt is in the cup I add 1g of mullein because 1g of mullein completely covers the bottom of the cup. Though its not enough to absorb several grams of dmt the dmt will still coat the exterior and be in a more workable form. I use this changa sparingly on a bed of peppermint so the excess dmt runs into the peppermint which cools the smoke. As for adding freebase harmalas, I always have went heavy on harmalas which made for much longer and stronger experiences. I would recommend finding how much harmala freebase your subjectively comfortable with in combination with dmt. Goodluck!
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My changa is a composed mixture of plain caapi leaves and DMT. From the beginning until recently the ratio was 1 : 1 but now it is a combination of 70% caapi and 30% DMT.

I do not know if there is a connection or that it is pure coincidence, but the new combination creates vague visuals in beautiful monochrome green colors. I got used to see an abundance of multiple bright colors so it feels as if a new world opened up for me. It strikes me as more magical.

Needless to say that the new combination is favorite.

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Definitely needs some juggling based on use-case. e.g strong one hit pipe changa vs a changa joint. Some good suggestions here:

Trialing a 50%,30%,20% Leaf,DMT,Harmalas.
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As others mentioned... experimentation is a must if you want to find out what works for you best.
Mine happen to be around 1:1:1. But I am very sensitive to dmt...
More dmt in the mix and it overpowers the trip. Less dmt and the harmalas will take over.
At 1:1:1 I found there is a synergy and a perfect dance between them.
I also smoke it slowly... going deeper and deeper as much as I wish.

Amount of leaf material is less important... my preferred amount is such that minimizes the amount of smoke inhaled yet provides a good and easy burn when flame is applied.

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It's all about intention.

For sub breakthrough experiences (which can still be highly visual and quite profound) I prefer 20-30% DMT, whereas for Breakthrough I find 50% dmt (or 1:1) is more than enough for breakthroughs.

I am still living and learning though, and maybe next year I'll have different preferences.

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KuzeMaf wrote:

I am still living and learning though, and maybe next year I'll have different preferences.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

I've been smoking changa for about 5 years now and certainly the way I smoke has changed a lot during this time.

I've tried many different blends and ratios, dmt% and harmalas% now are making the real difference in terms of experience intensity.

In my opinion it is very good to try different mixes and blends in order to find our own ideal way to work with the medicine.

Safe travels brothers and sisters.
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I do 5:1:1 herb, DMT, harmine. It depends a lot of what kind of leaf you are smoking, but using lavender or tobacco, 250mg is not a lot of leaf and delivers a 50mg DMT experience in a few hits if you so like. Making it stronger than that makes dosing tricky, especially if you're smoking it out of a regular tobacco wooden pipe. Even with this conservative ratio, I managed to put myself into white noise land with one hit by putting too much tobacco in the pipe.
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