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#1 Posted : 1/7/2021 1:07:00 PM

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Hello to all of you!
Firstly thank you for all your generosity, knowledge and help of this forum. Really good, fun, interesting and helpful for me. This is how virtual networks and forums should work I think.

That said, I've been here actively for slightly more than a year and much longer by just finding posts through searching online. Trying from time to time filling in the questionnaire to become a full member and to be able to reply to posts and write my own. Thought about writing an introduction, but were to start? Well, it seems like I've started now.

The background
I've been into psychedelic since my teens, reading a lot of old and new books and what I could find online (this was in late 80:s and 90:s) but never managed to get into the right group of people doing it the way I wanted. Cannabis has been along from time to time in different ways and that was perhaps an introduction to different perceptions and mental spaces, borderline psychedelic at times. And I still really enjoy that.

Now being older I've found people and places that opened the psychedelic worlds also in practice for me. Why now is thanks to a combination of things. I try to live as 'conscious' as possible in this world, that means taking responsibility for how I live and trying to bring about the changes that I think are needed for a future brighter than what it seems like we're heading at now. I take care of the things I consume and try to give back what I can of good things. Working with the land, soil, forest, food, collectives and so on. This makes me weary of using substances that I don't know the history of, or the chain of supply. The illegal side of society has many good things (since I'm for some kind of major change of how we live) but it is also full of the worst in forms of suffering, violence, abuse and so on.

So. I'd like to see things as clear as possible. ... but as we all know, the world is messy and confusing and it's not always easy to navigate. Around a year ago someone I know had started extracting DMT in a small lab and introduced me to DMT (in the form of changa). This, to be able to understand the process of making it myself, to play with extraction and the magic of transformations (alchemy?) was really up my alley. But the messy past was/is that I still 'have to' import root bark from faraway places, people and contexts that I don't know.

The trips
I've alway liked to combine the DMT with an MAOI but I no longer make changa. I extract harmalas from Syrian rue and take that sublingual before smoking enhanced leaf. Or lately, oral harmalas + oral DMT fumarate that I've made myself.

I use it quite regularly (about once a week) but don't get totally blasted into hyperspace since I like more the introspective and personal work that can be done. Sure I like the 'impossible' dimensions, colors (!), places, feelings and thoughts too. But I don't get there so often these days (that is another post I'd like to make, how you long time and regular users experience how the trips have changed over time).

I'm not very spiritual in the general sense, but I feel that my experiences are more attuned to a connection to a larger whole, me included. And the awe and wonders of a larger consciousness. I also like and use the after effects in the days following a trip, like opening of emotions, more steady state of mind and so on.

So this was my short introduction, I will come back for more questions and idéas.
All the best to you from me up in the snowy northern europe!

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#2 Posted : 1/14/2021 5:51:16 AM

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Welcome! Would you care to share some DMT experiences? What is the molecule like to you?
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Thank you!

Well, were to start. I've almost never taken the molecule on its own, but together with harmalas. Like I wrote, first as Changa and now later by harmalas extracted from Rue (sublingual and oral). I think this effects quite alot of how my experiences has been.

This and that I've taken them quite regulary.

And experiencewise it has changed quite a lot. Now I think that DMT in it's 'nature' really gives novel and unpredictable experiences. Like we probably all know.

But the first times (with changa consisting of DMT, caapi vine, blue lotus) there was not so much harmines and the experiences was fast, short and intense. This and that I was not so used to strong phychedelics, some LSD and a few mushroom trips only. And none of those were really that mind blowing. So the first times really opened up spaces that I did't know 'existed'. Both egarding the visual side with impossible geomitry and multidimensional rooms and colors (ah those colors out of this space!), but also in how my thinking was altered, the very act of thinking were shifted is ways I newer experiences before.

Later when I started with my extracted harmalas sublingual and smoked dmt-infused leaf, things got a bit more 'workable', if that is the right term for it. The experiences were not so fast and not so alien, more of an internal journey with reflections of myself, my life, and life in general. Large questions about existence, consciousness, the mind etc gave way for a more grounded thoughts on psychology, nature, relations. Very rewarding.

Still I have thoughts and feeling around the psychedelic space and experiences (images of oneself sufing waves of consciousness, feeling the unfathomable power of the deep mind/ocean).

I've not read so much about this, but I find that even if the peak experiences are so full of awe, I tend to more enjoy the afterglow. When the mind is is a state of frictionless flow, glowing. Halfway beween beeing possible to direct, halfway just going on its own. Like surfing or riding a horse (on equal terms).

This, and much more. I'm not so good at reading others trip reports.. I'm more into the practicalities, exploration and knowledge building here on the forum. That's how it is now at least. Great to be a part of!
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#4 Posted : 1/15/2021 9:10:30 PM

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murklan, really good to read your contributions. And interesting to learn of the varying ways to appreciate this substance. Everything I read here adds to my own excitement at being on the verge of something wonderful.
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