Does anyone not get spiritual feelings from DMT? Options
#1 Posted : 1/13/2021 2:57:15 AM

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I haven't tripped for basically a decade and just started up again. And that original feeling of wonder and awe hasn't changed.

I would argue that because it hasn't changed, I am that much more in awe. The magic is timeless. It does not tarnish.

Maybe my childhood obsession with Ferngully has corrupted me - maybe I have an Ayahuasca bias - but one of the fundamental threads in every DMT experience I've ever had is the consciousness in everything around me. I experience animism every time. I cannot wrap my mind around how someone could have this experience and not walk away with a sense of utter awe and mystery at what it is to be alive?

Like it's just so outrageously obvious (and amazing!) that the earth made plants to engineer humans to shoot the planet into outer space to reproduce. And we are all part of one big human family that wants to experience things from as many unique viewpoints as possible.

And everything is alive. The entire purpose is to feel alive and to remember you are alive.

I've done this hundreds of times and it's never any less fascinating.

Is anyone ever not awestruck? Is it even possible? Why does this blow my mind every single time?

*I have yet to make a conscious connection with rocks Laughing
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I envy those that feel what you can feel Mrs. Minxx Rolling eyes . This is the exact reason I strayed into psychedelics is for some sense of understanding. The way people have always explained their experiences sounds so divine and eloquent. I can think of these amazing things that you talk of but if I don't experience and feel it first hand I can't really believe it. I have come out of some DMT trips thinking it was quite crazy and hectic but not much of an eye-opener. My time spent with shrooms and LSD are even more mundane, and mescaline sent me in a spiral that I would not like to repeat.

My problem seems to be that I am so obsessed with achieving peace of mind that I have such expectations for everything.
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Sometimes if I smoke dmt without harmalas it's over so quick I just feel confused and a bit disturbed, usually it's exciting but I really only reach deeply spiritually encompassing states when I use harmalas or oral dmt, mushrooms and mescaline always deliver something special..yesterday I spent the day at the beach on mescaline and harmine having staring contests with lizards in the dunes..felt strange to feel the lizard energy, such an interesting animal..but it felt pretty encompassing.
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ms_manic_minxx wrote:
*I have yet to make a conscious connection with rocks Laughing

Rocks are an important part of it all, let that connection happen! Smile In my experience, trees have been a gateway to connection with the rocks.
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Timeless indeed. The experience has never lost its step for me. Every time that I'm back there it's always felt & appeared overwhelmingly self-evident, so in-your-face, it really makes me wonder how variable the depth and breadth of this experience can be for people. Also an individual persons descriptive ability, even though more often than not that description falls cleanly on its face.

Also I feel a persons overall knowledge or how well read they are prior to throwing themselves into these states, whether it be philosophy, art, science, humor, religiuous or otherwise, there's an exhaustive list here.

Though all these areas of knowledge could potentially constellate around this experience and help a person triangulate and make 'some' semblance of the experience.

Changed my life [and my perspectives on it] pretty significantly from the first time [before ever having joined this forum] I'd taken dmt up til now. Some bumps and bruises along the way IRL [wouldn't be life without those things], though the message still rings as true as ever. It hasn't changed in the slightest, despite everything else extraneous having changed over all these years.

And for folks saying it's too fast [vaped], look into changa or possibly sublingual harmalas+vaped dmt, or smoked harmalas+vaped dmt. Slowing the state down a few steps from the speed it normally runs at can help ime. Also, the setting and the underlying intent of the individual can't be overstated enough.
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