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Woke up at 6am and went to the beach for a quick swim, came home to meditate and relaxed for a few hours. I had some breakfast at 10pm, 6 bannanas and some berries blended just to prep my digestive tract, I find if I have an empty stomach the alks hit way to fast and hard and I purge, so a little food a few hours prior helps ease the nausea for me.

At 1pm I ate 350mg of mesc hcl extracted from my achuma cactus. Within 15 minutes I reached the typical nauseated oozy feeling, I lay on my back and breathe slowly disassociating from the nausea. By 2pm it started to fade and the "other self" was starting to wake up. A speedy rush of electricity and pulsating vibrations encompass my body as the dmt reminiscent "hyperspacial" overlay begins to pierce through my surroundings. I ride out the surprisingly speedy come up and by 3:30 I decided to take 150mg harmine to smoothe out the vasoconstriction and lubricate the trip.

The harmine boosts the experience and overall buffers some of the rough edginess of
mescaline has on my body.

I played my guitar and marveled at the harmonic resonance each string makes especially in lower tunings, each slow vibration intensifying a transcendental focus, pulling me further into the resonant vibrations, revealing what might only translate as some sort of quantum phenomena, a sync up of senses, synesthesia.

As the energy builds i decide I need to go to the beach to move freely, a family member drives me to the beach, I am emotional and grateful for the precious things like having family that loves you and will drive you to the beach etc

I get out of the car and walk down towards the beach past all the people, observing the normal dysfunctional chatter in my head with a healthy detachment. I lay in the Sun and feel the roar of the ocean, I marvel at the ingenious architecture of the birds bodies  dive bombing the water for fish, I connect with lizards and they allow me to get 30cm or so from  then, up this close I can feel it's energy, a strange creature lizards are..we stare at each other for a while..just an ape and a lizard chilling in the garden of Eden together.

I question if me blowing in the sand is not some sort of mind control manipulating the physical environment, am I not part and parcel of God's mind and thus my actions are some form of gods mind control?

A sense of grief for my ancestors, the lands of Egypt and the ancient world. I see the magic of egypt and the beauty recorded in the architecture and the hieroglyphs, written into the organic world. I write:

"Resurrecting the mystery
As it's always been
The last flickering glimpses of man's hope
A language already written in your native tounge
If you albut have the eyes to recognize
Its written in the sand."

"Golden ratios
Harmonic proportions
[ geometry/sound (synaesthesia)]
Organic growth
A youthful mind...the artists stroke
Recreate the mystery As it's always been."

"The only way to understand Is through the senses/sense"

I bury my shirt and walk around in the Bush and waters, I listen to russil paul shree ma and devi mantras and roll around in the sand, marvelling at God's kingdom, the sunset is beautiful and there are many pretty girls having fun in the glowing sunset...they look so beautiful on mescaline.

A synchronicity, my brother messages me and as I am texting him I discover a mango seed I burried in the sand weeks ago at our spot we like to use cannabis at and talk, it washes up in the river banks and it reminds me of this video..

8:45pm The sun goes down and a family member asks me to come home, they pick me up and we drive home. I enjoy a meal of mangoes and berries, talking and sharing my day with my family and laughing. They had taken some very strong cbd oil and where in quite a funny mood, it was very enjoyable to be around them. They head to bed and I have a shower, I am still very stimulated so I lay in bed playing guitar, I think I ended up passing out at around 3am and woke up at 9am feeling pretty good and refreshed.

Harmine really helps with any physical side effects from mescaline and removes any tension I might otherwise feel in my head..

Mescaline is so glorious...peace and love..
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Thanks for the beautiful report.

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Beautiful report!
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