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#1 Posted : 1/11/2021 6:34:45 PM
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What are the correct filters to use in buchner funnel? Are the same filters applicable for powdered bark as for re-x? And how often should one expect to have to change them? Funnel size 80mm.

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So for Re-X you should normally not even need a filtration - Crystals would already stick to the glass wall so you could only decant slowly - but of course that always depends on your batch.

And regarding filtering Powdered Bark:

I have no clue with that but I guess Powdered Bark is impossible to filter with ANY filtration method. It's just too fine and will clock anything.

I have no clue how people do it ... but sedimentation/decanting would be the easiest way to already separate like 80 % of the water. Changing filters overall would just be a question of how fast they clogg, but I guess with powdered bark its nearly instant (maybe someone else could comment on that Confused )

Shredded bark will never clogg when filtering and will still grant the same yield, if you grind it in a mixer. Can be any smoothie-mixer. This will not be as small as powdered bark, but still provide a good surface/volume ratio.
With shredded bark let your soup stand for 5 min, decant the water and then wait for it to cool to < 50 °C and then you can use your hands to squeeze the last bit of water out. Last bit means, this shredded bark will always hold like 20 % of its weight in water, but thats much less than powdered bark will still hold after decanting.
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