How entheogens have affected your societal beliefs? Options
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I'd like to hear about how your values have changed or strengthened along the path you have taken to explore the universums inside.

Regarding individual freedom, I have become very liberal. I think people should have extensive right to decide for themselves. I guess this is quite natural as you often have to take the liberty yourself. Regarding society, on the other hand, I think I have become more conservative, in a sense, that I think we should respect more traditions, old manners and lifestyles. I'm afraid the society might be progressing too fast for people to adapt and that causes much suffering among the good things the changes bring. I wish we had weaker states and stronger communities where people have to take personal responsibility and grow.

Also, I think that many things you learn through inner enlightenment transcend all conventional political ideologies. It'd be interesting to hear, if there are some common tendencies on this topic.

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what they have done for me, is facilitate questioning. This was a natural progression, into a path of science, which inherently promotes questioning. Every answer brings up more questions. And beware those premises that claim to have conclusive answers, they're more than likely trying to sell you some half-baked reality.

Fear is THE tool, used to control people. Replace it with knowledge, understanding.
Everyone is ignorant, nobody knows it all...but willful ignorance is a choice, especially in the prime of the information age. Keep beliefs fluid, because facts are subject to chance...and don't forget, like bill hicks's just a ride. enjoy it.
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For me I’ve learned a lot about myself. Psychedelics help to show me that I’m a control freak and have obsessive tendencies that though normal are still unhealthy in my day to day life. Psychedelics taught me to try to let go of things I can’t control and be ok with what is. I’m very appreciative of everything I’ve learned from these wonderful substances as well as everything I’ve learned from my nexian brother. I love you guys 💕 . As far as socially I have also grown more liberal but with some conservative views still in place. I like to think the psychs helped me to find the median between the two sides.
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Alot of different things changed. The thing that affected me the most though was my spiritual religious orientation.

I was raised Church of England Christian. Then when I was 10 my 6 year old younger sister got cancer and died although I prayed every night to God to save her. So logically God didn't exist. I became a staunch atheist and studied physics and math. In my later teen when introduced to multiple entheogens (LSD, Ketamine, Salvia, Mushrooms, DXM, 2CB) (I didn't continue to abuse the more "dodgy" ones) I developed spiritual beliefs again that I hold to this day 20 years later.

No dogma, nothing religious but belief in eternal "consciousnesses" on some level, maybe extra dimensions of time or space. Believing "outside the box".

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And for society: we should all be more tolerant, honest, and not lie to ourselves!

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