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If you prepare your self, you heart, mind and surroundings, the path of your life there is a stage where dosage no really longer matters and where the places we go with mushrooms is the same as where we go with DMT. It may be clothed differently but it is the same... And so, let me tell you a story of visiting another place and another being I have been that is beyond time and space.

My friend, a follower of his own version of the Mazatec tradition set up an altar with candles, incense and images of the divine from Christian traditions. I added Tibetan Buddhist imagery and objects. We sat side by side, drank cacao, talked about the imagery and each ate a bag of Mexicana mushrooms he had grown from spores of mushrooms from outside of Maria Sabina's house. After a while an increase of energy spread throughout my body. When I closed my eyes I saw a vast multicolored network of filaments spreading outward in all directions. Opening my eyes I focused on the candles and images of Jesus and Avalokiteshvara.

When I closed eyes I went inward, passing through a membrane of imagery, words, memories and music. I entered into a vast space of swirling, flowing cascades of living fractal like shapes. I was pulled along, lost in their flow. Where they converged into strange attractors, I encountered ancient beings.

They clustered around immense living celestial archetypes resembling giant planets and neutron stars. These in turn somehow orbited a source of brilliant, blinding white light.
When I returned and opened my eyes I watched the candles flickering and looked at the pictures for a while. They seemed alive with depth and character.

I closed again my eyes and moved inward through the membrane, back through the cascading flows and stopped when I encountered one of the ancestral beings. It appeared like a winged serpent. I asked if its name was Quetzalcoatl and the being did not mind being called that.
"How can I help heal my son? I would give him a part of myself, If it would help." I said.
"Love him, hug him. Apologize for your anger. Walk with him. Teach him to breath."
"How can I become a better person?" I asked.
"Embrace your heritage.. your ancestry in a healthier way that is connected with the Earth and the deeper dimensions of being."

I returned to my body and opened my eyes. The hyperdimension was completely integrated with the molecular and quantum structures of everything in the cosmos around me. Everything vibrated in microscopic multicolored harmony. I was amazed but didn't know what to do and realized that I didn't know how to come down. I was afraid I would never come down!

I closed my eyes and moved inward again until I found myself floating above and inside a complex structural place of interlocking buildings traced with luminous colors and patterns of light. It seemed to be a city or vast archive that resonated with an intense sacred energy. The interlocking buildings shifted slowly in place and an ancient being approached, it was ancient and filled with knowledge and wisdom and reminded me of a librarian or archivist. We talked as energy vibrated and cascaded through everything. I felt fascinated and overwhelmed, wanting to stay and explore but wanting to go home to the surface of the planet that was stable, familiar and soft. The vast city was like a maze and I felt like I had been there many times before, that this was a place I had come from before becoming embodied.

I told the being that:
"I don't know how to come down."
"You will come down in time."
"How do we heal the biosphere?"
"We are working on that. We are all in this together."

I returned to my body and opened my eyes and saw my friend bent over, looking as though he was praying and repenting. I felt he needed to release a burden that he had been holding for a long time. And I knew what I must do. I saw my ancestry, the generations in my physical being that was an expression of the ancient priesthood, the shamans of my ancestors.

I remembered how to read Hebrew and the origin of the name of God and gave my companion the priestly blessing. He felt gratitude and healed and I shared the loving kindness he was opening to. We felt like brothers. The simmered energy of the cosmos slowly settled down.
We talked about the connections between ancient mythological characters across cultures. The Carrier of the thunderbolts.. Zeus.. Hadad.. the carrier of the Dorje. Aaron & Asclepius with the snake wrapped around the staff. The corresponding geometry in mosques, cathedrals, ancient temples.

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Thank you! This is some deep wisdom. Thank you for sharing this!
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