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(mind)Set: Meditative
(physical condition) Set: Relaxed
Setting : Friend's apartment with Tibetan bells
time of day: 21:00
recent drug use: (DMT the previous night)
last meal: (dinner, thai food)

Gender: (m)
body weight: (84kg)
known sensitivities:
history of use: (novice: DMT)

Substance(s): (DMT)
Dose(s): (Unknown Dosage: vaporized)

Administration time: T=0:00 ()
Duration: (.2 hours)
First effects:
Come down: Not sure I ever came down

Intensity: (4)
Evaluation / notes:

Pleasantness: (2)
Unplesantness: (1)
Visual Intensity: (4)
Hangover: (1)
Afterglow: (3)

A lingering sense of inner depth and a feeling that I was floating in a warm ocean of Being.
Sleep has been deeper and richer. Dreams have been absent except for fleeting hints. There is a persistent feeling when talking to others, especially at work, that I am wearing a mask.
And that I must make a great effort to express emotions. Recall of my experience returns to me daily, and many times I feel that place is not far away. That i could return there and it is as real as any place I've been on this planet. My interest in smoking cannabis has disappeared.

After the fifth hit from the vaporizer the air grew heavy in the room and the walls shimmered and dripped with fractal patterns. I lay down and closed my eyes, felt myself sinking deeper but reached over and took another hit. I covered my eyes with the blinders and lay back.
Floating in a vast ocean of darkness, I saw billions of multicolored pixels shimmering. As though by some strange gravity, they all condensed into a complex flower floating high above. In the center a glowing white light caught my attention.

As I stared at it I found myself pulled toward the light, and found myself accelerating infinitely through a long tunnel and burst through into a vast domed space.

My acceleration slowed as I approached the dome and noticed the ceiling looked like the inside of an elaborately tiled mosque.

As I came closer, the dome sectioned and folded open, leaving me standing in circular courtyard. I looked around, I saw hundreds of beings standing between the columns cheering my arrival. The arches glowed with light and organic fractal patterns cascaded smoothly across everything. In the distance I glimpsed a jewelled city but what caught my attention were the beings standing between the columns. Like the architecture, they were shifting and changing and they were made of many colors.
I knew that I was in an eternal place, outside of time and space. And so I was intent on getting a clear glimpse of these beings and hoped for a conversation but instead they told me telepathically:

"Don't look at us. Look up!"

I thought this was a strange request but agreed. And when I looked up into the sky I saw a white star endlessly emanating. I was in complete awe and recognized this as the source of all Energy and Being. This was the primal source, the flaring forth that gave birth to our universe and all consciousness.

I lost myself for a while as I stared at that but soon felt the call, the pull to return. I began to feel heavier and sink through the ground but was determined to stay conscious and remember everything. And so I entered an endless hall of columns, an arcade that felt like the catacombs of the palaces above.
Each column shifted and changed, endlessly folding and transforming. At different stages, each column would open a gateway into another world. I recognized one of the beings I saw through a gateway as Osiris sitting on a throne. I continued to grow heavier and sank further down through many layers, deeper into the ocean of being until I settled back into my body and the dense crust of the world.

Abaris attached the following image(s):
flower.gif (2,673kb) downloaded 51 time(s).
courtyard.jpg (57kb) downloaded 51 time(s).
star.gif (7,688kb) downloaded 52 time(s).

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Thanks for writing what you did. An enjoyable read. All too familiar. Smile

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