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#1 Posted : 12/24/2020 6:51:30 PM

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Second time, Moderate Dosage

Set: Calm, relaxed
Setting (location): a friend's apartment
Time of day: Late evening
recent drug use: DMT 15minutes prior. No weed for a couple of weeks. No psychedelics for almost 20 years.
Last Meal: Light Dinner

Gender: M
body weight: 83kg
known sensitivities:
History of use: First timer

Substance(s): DMT
Dose: vaporized... Dosage Unknown

Administration time: T= Wasn't watching
Duration: 15 minutes
First effects: 1 minute-ish
Peak: T=2:00-5:00 minutes
Baseline: 15min

Intensity: 3
Pleasantness: (3)
Unpleasantness: (0)
Visual Intensity: (2)
Hangover: (0)
Afterglow: (2); deeply relaxed and clear mind


Before I had totally come down from my first experience with the Swan and the Butterfly, I sat up and took a few more hits. Again I lay down, pulled on the eyeshades and closed my eyes. Again, I felt like I was sinking into a deep ocean of darkness. Off in the distance, maybe light years away, I could see an immense machine the size of a small planet. It was clearly made of metal and there were conduits along its sides and what looked like a huge lotus on its face. And I had the impression it was generating compassion that was emanating throughout the cosmos.

In the darkness nearby I felt a presence. And when I turned my awareness to discern what it was, it resolved into a large mantis. It was as though it had turned aside a curtain to watch me.

"What do you want?" I asked curiously.
"To give you something." It said quietly in my mind, it's affect unnervingly neutral. It wanted to inject some knowledge into me.
Unsure of its intentions, I wanted to see if it could be trusted.
"Let me give you something first."
It remained impassive so I projected and image of a mandala I had been working on. The creature was curious and unperturbed so I decided it could be trusted.
"Ok." I agreed to receive its gift. It reached a long front leg , extending its tibia over my head and quietly pressed a long finger down where I could not see. I felt nothing and it withdrew, folding its leg back into waiting and watching.
"Are you alone?" I asked.
"No." It said. And from behind, six mantis peaked out, three on either side. Slowly they faded from sight and I settled back down into my body.

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#2 Posted : 12/24/2020 8:19:22 PM

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Wow! Never heard of such an encounter before. However, if you ever happen to play a game called Disco Elysium, there might be something eerie awaiting for you. 😮😃 If you are not planning to, you might find the scene I'm referring to by searching Disco Elysium and Mantis on YouTube. I won't spoil more, but it's such a psychedelic game, so I find this coincidence intriguing.
#3 Posted : 12/24/2020 9:06:21 PM

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Thanks! The game's graphics look promising. Couldn't find a video of the mantis but a picture. Visually and in mood the encounter was more like a dark Carravagio painting.

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