Unrealistically Long Trip Options
#1 Posted : 12/21/2020 11:35:11 PM

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(mind)Set: Well enough, but honestly a bit apprehensive
(physical condition) Set: Good
Setting (location): Apartment
time of day: 0400
recent drug use: A lot of jurema, and I'm on pretty strong oral Penicillin
last meal: I've stopped caring about the whole diet thing before tripping to be honest, so I'm pretty sure I ate a massive, extremely spicy burrito a few hours before

Gender: m
body weight: 83.9146kg
known sensitivities: none that I'm aware of
history of use: I've been regularly using exclusively jurema wine; dosing depends on how I'm feeling before. Ballpark 5x within the past month; I haven't been keeping count


Substance(s): penicillin 500mg oral tab, 50grams B. Caapi, 3grams powdered MHRB; I'm willing to suspect that I did a double dose on accident of either of the last two due to the length of the trip
Method of administration: Down the hatch

Administration time: 0400-0420 I slowly sipped down the Caapi brew, then 0445-0500 I sipped down the MHRB brew. The last time I took penicillin was an hour before I ate, so ~4 hours
Duration: 9+ freaking hours, which is the only reason I'm writing this report. Has anyone even heard of this?
First effects: ~20min after drinking the MHRB, I begin having deep, insightful thoughts, and know it's about to begin
Peak: T=4.50-6.0 hours after admin
Come down: 6.5-9.0 hours after admin, but must further clarify in report
Baseline: 9.50 hours

Intensity (overall): 4
Evaluation / notes: I'm leaving my last report as is, but this trip was so intense that the vortex of hyperspace would overcome any of my dealings with other beings throughout the majority of the trip, so I would say this was a true 4. More in the report though.

Pleasantness: 1
Implesantness: 3
Visual Intensity: 4


Hangover: 1; hangover in the sense that after I fell asleep sometime after the trip, I woke up in a mist of delirium that lasted for about an hour
Afterglow: 2; I at least survived the thing


So another note about preparation would be that I further reduced my Caapi brew right before drinking because I had way too much to sip on. Both the Caapi and MHRB brew were also the last doses I had in this batch, so they've been refrozen a couple times, and let sit for about 1.5 months, so if DMT or the MAOI settle downwards, that could also explain the intensity/duration of my last trip. There's also a very real possibility that I accidentally over-dosed as well by doing a half dose earlier with the same batch, and not realizing/remembering doing it, and then just using this remainder.

Skipping through the early introspection, the first being I encounter calls himself "Onai", and is the only being I will see more than once (he's kind've a guide, but is more of an acquaintance because he's pretty obsessed with being Onai, and I felt like he only ever helped me because I was holding up his journeys (still OK in my books though)). We have a conversation about how I just want to explore a bit, and see if we could work through a couple problems, but this is the last conversation I can fully remember throughout the entire trip.

I'm certain Onai and I had many great discussions, over the next hour, but the only thing I really remember about the early portion of the trip was a series of trials I needed to overcome before Onai and I could continue our journeys. It was all about letting go, I think.

T= about 3 hours after drinking MHRB now. Things are still going smooth from what imagery I recall. At some point-in-time Onai had taught me some advanced breathing exercises which I remember doing randomly, and GOD did they help me later!

T= about 4 hours in now, and I'm still coming up. This is when things start to head south a little bit. I'm generally coming down or at least plateauing about here, but I'm actually still coming up. Things head real south when I start thinking about the penicillin having killed any flora that may assist in degrading DMT or gunking up my natural metabolic functions (which do include breaking down DMT). That's fine, I need to use the restroom anyways. I get up, and literally almost get lost in a single-bedroom apartment going to the bathroom and getting a glass of water, but I manage.

The next two hours are a true blur, but I remember Onai screaming about how "It's COMING!" and so many other beings doing the same. All their excitement made staying positive nearly impossible. Everyone I spoke to or any action I attempted was almost instantly obliterated by hyperspace coming on like nothing I've ever experienced. The only fractured memories I have were of seeing what I believe others here have called The Source, Onai telling me to crush it, the other beings constantly pushing some nonsense religion on me under threat of duress, and I remember calling to Onai for help at one point. Onai's response was that of replacing a demonic entities overbearing with his own face; all around me screaming "ONAI". In hindsight it's pretty funny, but it was terrifying then. I also don't know if he could've done any better because the trip was hitting way too hard.

T=6.5 hours, and I'm still tripping HARD. Things head REAL south for probably half and hour, but honestly I'm getting so wiped at this point that I eventually stop caring, and the bad times end. I then literally pass out.

T=9 hours. I wake up, and I'm still tripping, but not super intense. It's still very hard to keep my eyes open, and I'm plagued with visions of DMT space when my eyes fall shut, but I know I've processed most of it out. This is when I check the time again as well, so I literally cannot believe that I've been tripping this long. Eventually subsides over the course of a half hour.

How the heck did this happen? If this happened to me first time, I would not have made it. I also just recalled a random memory from the trip where Onai told me I flatlined, and he was so excited! Fortunately, I have experience with psychs, so I know it's all in the head.

I also have never had so much amnesia from a DMT trip than this one. From all the time I was just there, I almost remember nothing. Could it have been the penicillin? Or was it likely a missdosing on my part?

Here was my first comment about this trip: Antibiotics and Aya

I also have never purged, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Maybe I overdid it, and it lasted longer due to all the food in my stomach. I just have no idea.

I'm also much more calm now, and think I'll just wait until the end of my antibiotics before taking jurema again.
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Nice one. I've never known aya/pharma to last quite that long. My longest trip was probably around 7 hours, but definitely not 9.
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Yeah, my first aya trip seemed to go on forever. Way longer than anyone else - 3 extra hours, at a guess. It kept looping around at the end. Probably the second cup did it. That's when it started getting really crazy.

Sinbad wrote:
strong oral Penicillin[...] spicy burrito
Both of these things could affect your body's ability to metabolise other things including ayahuasca alkaloids (ah ok, you mentioned this re penicillin and gut flora).
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downwardsfromzero wrote:
Both of these things could affect your body's ability to metabolise other things including ayahuasca alkaloids (ah ok, you mentioned this re penicillin and gut flora).

I also think both of those could have been it, but from the limited research I was able to conduct with a search engine, at least a couple other people were able to take antibiotics and trip just fine.

Although, I can't contest the veracity of their reports, nor prove mine. And it also seems like none of them were on 500mg oral penicillin. They were on different antibiotics, so who knows. Some of the posts I've read also just refer to "DMT" not specifically pharmahuasca while on antibiotics.

I'm more than willing to do a giant spicy burrito test next trip to see if that was the culprit, but I don't end my antibiotic regimen until a week from now.
Sinbad is an entirely fictitious character I created for role-playing someone sailing their own consciousness as if it were the 7 seas
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