Medical Marijuana Gets the Green Light From the UN Options
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United Nations (U.N.) votes to reschedule marijuana. In a close 27 to 25 vote (with one abstention) on Wednesday, members of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) backed a World Health Organization (WHO) proposal to take cannabis and cannabis resin off the list of Schedule IV drugs—i.e., those which the international body says are "particularly liable to abuse and to produce ill effects" and should therefore be most strictly controlled around the world. Schedule IV drugs include heroin, fentanyl, and—from 1961 until now—cannabis.

Today's "historic vote in Vienna could have far-reaching implications for the global medical cannabis industry, ranging from regulatory oversight to scientific research into the plant and its use as a medicine," writes Alfredo Pascual at Marijuana Business Daily. "The result carries broad symbolic significance for medical cannabis, as it could help boost medical cannabis legalization efforts around the globe now that the CND tacitly acknowledges the medical utility of the drug."

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Schedule IV drugs include heroin, fentanyl, and—from 1961 until now—cannabis.

Actually there's been prohibitionist "schedules" long before Nixon exploited it.

[ https:// ]

The history and development of the leading international drug control conventions -- C. The 1925 Geneva Opium Conventions

« Between November 1924 and February 1925... ... The second Geneva Convention, the International Opium Convention (1925 Geneva Convention), was intended to impose global controls over a wider range of drugs, including, for the first time, cannabis – described as "Indian hemp" in Article 11 of the Convention. »

Or even further in time for Québekers:

[ ]

[ ]

N.B.: “Indian Hemp” = “Chanvre Indien”

Which by the way clearly establishes that cannabis was NOT under Ottawa's control until the national ban of 1923, effectively transfering a provincial responsability in practical deny of democratic debate while the "Pharmacy Act" had previously received Royal consent during the reign of Queen Victoria, in days when Canada still belonged as a British dominion, though already subjected to Canada's 1867 then fresh confederation (relatively to health administrations)...
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Tight vote, but good news.

I wonder how many people had a worse quality of life and suffered more than they needed as they aged or had medical issues because of the criminalization of plants, lack of access, propaganda, and delays in research.

Some of the victims from the war on nature became heroes. I'd like to remember one of them here, Charlotte Figi. She overcome a lot and drove real change that will help countless others.

I think our treatment of nature is a very sad chapter in human history. Hope it is behind us soon.
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Great News
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