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I've found this combination to be very interesting. After smoking a bowl of hash and then taking a dose of DMT I have experienced a complete blending of the senses into the pure light of bliss. So far every time I have tried to recreate this experience the same result occurs, pure light bliss. I went past the visuals every single time and went into a state that I think may be the most special state a brain can experience. It was pure love and pure understanding. I can feel it still and it has been many hours since the experience.

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I know some people say it clouds the experience but my only "bad" experience ever
was when i was not high.
DMT is too much for my flimsy brain if i take it from 0 to 100 in a second. Shocked
Combining psychedelics with all forms of mj is my no. 1 medicine.

Hope you have alot of fun with that combo dyoode!!
Psychedelic drugs don´t change you, they don´t change your character,
unless you want to be changed. They enable change. They can´t impose it.
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