PSA: Longmada Motar is capable of temperature control Options
#1 Posted : 11/27/2020 10:25:34 PM
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Hi Folks,

I have managed to get TC to work with my longmada motar quartz bucket coil. It's not the best but it works. Perhaps there is stainless steel wire inside the coil? It is clearly throttling the power as evidenced by the initial bright glow of the element, subsiding to a faint glow, then no glow over the course of a hit. I have also verified it with a thermometer. The temperature jumps around a bit but it is at least accurate +-15 C.

I use a very low TCR of about 30. Settings would vary depending on your device and individual coil. If you have one and a TC capable mod give it a go (with or without anything in it). Could potentially be a cheap alternative to SAI/quartz quest.

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