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#61 Posted : 9/21/2020 3:00:23 AM

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skoobysnax wrote:
Try 30 mg and see if that works bettee for you. With emesh i go no higher. How clean was the dose? The v3 was good but always a tad burnt flavor die to the way the cup would heat and sometimes the mod would flip to wattage mode and burn it because of coil connection.

honestly, I was going to see about getting a super accurate scale. I have a decent one, but I rather be on the safe side and be accurate.

I was planning on starting stupid small. maybe 10mg, and slowly work my way up by 5mg until I hit the controllable dose.

it was super smooth. all I did was pour it into the cup, warm it up until it melted, put the top back on, hold button until hit 180C, not harsh imo so was able to take a deep breath and hold. I believe I mightve took a smaller 2nd hit and still prob had smoke inside, and by then I was gone.

Reflecting back as much as I can, thats one of the biggest things that caused me to freak out. I was used to my bong attachment I made and working with the flame. the amount of smoke at once was never that much so instantly knew even with half the dose, i was about to go beyond what I've done in the past.

i know better than to resist, but somehow my consciousness wanted to stop the roller coaster ride but was too late.

plus a few other concerns so I def wasnt in the right set and setting and I paid for it.

when finally returned from dmt land, I was shaking from fear, my mouth was completely metallic from adrenaline, and instantly went to check my pulse.

1st attempt I actually got an error with the machine. 2nd attempt my blood pressure had spiked to fkn 233/135!

also I can tell this dose was way too much as first time I had deep open eyed hallucinations for almost an hour later? everything was moving like if I was on a 350ug of acid dose.

I think i still have left in the cup too btw. a nice brownish solidified puddle still remains. nothing seemed to get on anywhere else and very clean / tight fitting.

settings btw I have eleaf istick rim c? I have it set to temp Ni. 180C at 33W, ohm reads at .50-51

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ducdevil wrote:
one variable that has not been discussed as far as i've seen so far...the consistency of the spice and the nature of it.

white, fluffy spice as we know melts quite readily and i think the previously mentioned "tek" for using the DTV3 works quite well for the beautiful white xtals.

i tried using it with the suggested settings with some rather waxy yellow spice. it is quite potent and in the GVG it is just perfect. yet, using the settings suggested, the spice barely melted and i could not get it to produce enough vapor for even a mild experience. quite frustrating. after 30 minutes or so i grabbed the trusty GVG and was on my way...a sure-fire experience. always.

this thicker, heavier oily spice would need much more heat and power. the next morning i played around to see what temp/wattage might work for this. it was hard to find a sweet spot; as soon as it began to melt, i could tell it was starting to burn.

last thing: for me, a journey with DMT is a very special event that requires some preparation, meditation and intention. i really dislike the wondering if it is going to work. i don't really like going through all the emotional prep for set and setting only to be let down with a failed attempt. that is just me. when i sit/lay down to voyage, i want to know that the method will indeed work. where i'm taken is, of course, always a mystery, but at least with the GVG i know i'll get there. or somewhere. there's comfort in that.

any tips or ideas for the waxy spice?


I didn't see an answer to this older question, but I think we may have a possible answer now.

Working hypothesis is that oily spice is "polymerized" or "aggregated" DMT. This may happen during the basisng steps of the extraction (could depend on DMT concentration, ionic strength, alkaline pH, time, temperature, etc).

How to convert orange oil to white fluff: Acidic treatment of the FB and a subsequent quick base step with mild conditions can make oily spice fluffy again. Idea is that the acid treatment breaks up the DMT aggregate, and the subsequent base treatment is minimal to avoid re-aggregation in water. Here is an example.

It makes sense that high temp open flame devices can deal with oily spice, while electronic (more precise + low temp) devices are more consistent with fluffy white xtals.
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