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#1 Posted : 11/25/2020 5:01:51 PM

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Hello everyone! I have recently been reading a lot of very interesting experiences and decided to share my first (and only) dmt experience!

If you read this and have any insights or tips, I would absolutely love to hear them and chat back and forth about them.

Ok here we go. So I was in my brother's room (he has a bigger nicer bed than me). The first try went something like this:

The first toke was nice and had lots of milky smoke. I was able to hold it in with ease for around 20 seconds. Things started to feel funny and very similar to acid / mushrooms (both of which I have had plenty of experiences over this past year)

I tried to take another toke but I can't remember if I did. At one point I just closed my eyes and laid back. The first thing remember was this 'cloud' if you will that was in front of me. I couldn't understand what it was. I remember it as being the color hello or orange but I don't think it was a color we have here. There was an ominous female presence that was inside this cloud. It felt like love and acceptance. It felt almost like a greeting.

Next thing I know, I'm back in my brother's bed and am feeling relatively normal again.

One thing I want to point out about this experience was that I couldn't tell where I was. I felt disconnected from my physical body, yet I was unable to perceive a space that I was existing in. It's very hard to explain and also a little annoying.

About three minutes later decided to try it again.

This second time, I think I was able to take two big tokes before just totally disconnecting and not knowing anything.

I don't remember much about what happened next but I remember feeling that same female presence and that same Yello orangey color that was there from the time before. This part sounds silly but this female presence reminded me of a giraffe. Not because it looked like one tho. During this trip I was still unable to actually tell where I was. I just felt like my mind had disconnected from my body and I could no longer see things with 'eyes' as we usually do.

Shortly after that I was back in the bed. I felt good but definitely very confused and a little annoyed. I didn't go in expecting anything but being so confused for so long isn't something that I am used to.

The third and final attempt went something like this-

First toke was good, second toke was also good. I remember not taking a third because I felt like something clicked.

I closed my eyes and let myself go and this time it was basically the exact same except that 1, someone had turned on music downstairs and it had changed into a medieval fantasy like Melody and 2, I clearly remember seeing a specific pattern of triangles and circles that repeated. It was this same yellowy color that I mentioned before. It felt like it was very complex and smart in a way. Other than that it was the same as in I couldn't tell where I was or what was actually going on.

Also, during this third try, I remember panicking a little bit as I drifted off. I felt like I literally died and left my body.

I am usually really good at controlling my feelings and emotions and I have been able to surrender and submit to these powers im the past with my mushroom and lsd experience.

I believe that I didn't smoke it very well and have this decided to obtain a recommended pipe for consumption.

I don't think that I broke through at all. I felt like this female presence was telling me that there is more but to come back later for it.

If anyone has had any similar experiences, especially regarding this female presence that I encountered or the yellow/orange color, I would love to hear about it.

Stay safe everyone 🙏
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It takes time to become accustomed to the effects. Don't expect much of anything, just let it take you where it will. I prefer to trip at night in bed after meditating or just chilling for a few minutes. I set myself up to surrender to whatever happens. Sometimes, not much happens, other

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Using DMT in a manner without intent and setting up experimental constraints always reminds me of playing make believe when I was a child. I believe that everything conceivable and even un conceivable is possible when using DMT. This allows for continuous exploration and experimentation in virtual altered realities. I would be curious to experiment using dmt while wearing VR headsets.
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