Possible inoculation of grassland with liberty cap water mix Options
#1 Posted : 11/17/2020 6:22:04 PM

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Hi All,

I thought this was mighty interesting, a clip sent to me by a mycologist friend. His friend inoculated some grassland with a mix of chopped up "ripe" (so presumably sporulating) liberty cap (P. semilanceata) mushrooms, around 50 mushrooms to 5 litres or so, well stirred and then applied this to the patch of field (where there were none before). He said it was had taken a while (he inoculated the field 4 years previously), but now the field is absolutely teaming with mushrooms.

I find this very interesting...obviously, this is just a sample size of one, so one needs to be wary about inferring too much, but I do feel that this is worthy of investigation and replication. While there has been research on inoculating wood-loving mushrooms in this manner (and it hasn't been shown to be particularly effective) there has been barely any research on this method for grassland mushrooms (this being referred to as a "sylvan bias" in mycology by one UK mycologist). I thought it may be of interest to some Nexians.

Edit: Will link the relevant clip if I get permission from source to upload to YouTube.

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I'd love to find some LCs.

As you said, it does seem woodlovers don't respond too well to simply pouring spore water in my experience. I only have a couple years to draw from, but none of the places where I've poured literally gallons of very dark spore water upon have fruited anything. It's too bad, as your post indicates, it should spread them far and wide...
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Link to a relevant paper at the shroomery (downloads pdf):
The title of the link is misleading, it is actually for Keay and Brown (1990), "Colonization by Psilocybe semilanceafa of roots of grassland flora."
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Yes this approach isn't effective with wood loving fungi...but its potential with grassland-dwelling fungi hasn't been investigated in any detail as far as I'm aware. So different rules may apply here. It's definitely worthy of experimentation I think.

Thanks for the paper Thumbs up
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This is huge. Eagerly waiting for the video!
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i didnt manage to gather much this season, but next year i might have to give it a try. whats the worst that can happen.
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Wood lovers may not respond well to spores being sprayed. But I have seen people colonize wood chips and spread them over a wide area and get many patches of Ps. Cyanescens.
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PedroSanchez wrote:
i didnt manage to gather much this season, but next year i might have to give it a try. whats the worst that can happen.

My thoughts exactly. Little to be lost (bar a few mushrooms) and potentially a lot to be gained by giving this a go.

This is huge. Eagerly waiting for the video!

Unfortunately I don't have permission to share the clip I saw from the person who filmed it...trying to find out if I can obtain an edited clip or some images instead.
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I tried this a few years ago, we found so many libs one season when we where washing them in plain water before drying. The water was deep purple with spores so we thought why not empty the water in a watering can and go water a golf course with it

we did over several weeks, watered the same spot that seemed viable for growth

we had no flushes that season and no flushes the next season...

I can only assume the microbiome of the soil was incorrect and / or the golf course was sprayed with fungicides.

I wanted to try it again on a sheep field or other animal dwelling field but we have never had a yield like that since and have not had the water to try it out again...

if anyone gets this to work in the future please do let me know, I am really interested in this subject

Peace :~)
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