Looking for a quote re: LSD Options
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This quote is to do with an LSD experience had at the age of 19 while sitting under a tree in their back yard in which they forgave their parents. I think it was from Terence McKenna but it might have been Paul Stamets... Is this quote familiar to anyone here?

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Terence Mckenna wrote:
I remember being nineteen years old, twelve hours into an LSD trip. I was sitting under a tree and I just started to weep, and I saw what my upbringing had done to me. I saw the resentment of my parents and my callowness and my immaturity and my… And I sat there for about an hour and cried this stuff out. And I got up a better person. And to this day, I’ve never had to go back and revisit those things and then I could call up my parents and tell them I love them and I could accept their Catholicism and their conservatism and the differences. It was just like ten years of psychotherapy in an hour. And it was real. So that’s worth everything.

Leary wasn't introduced to LSD till his mid-40's.
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